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Sauna with children

Children also benefit from the health-promoting effect of the sauna. A day of wellness with the family strengthens the immune system and ensures relaxation. To ensure that it is relaxing and stress-free, there are a few basic rules to follow when taking a sauna with children.

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Healthy relaxation for the whole family

Regular sauna sessions strengthen the immune system and provide relaxation from everyday life. In Finland, even babies and toddlers sweat in the sauna together with their parents. To ensure that the little ones tolerate the sauna well and that the day of wellness together is relaxing and stress-free, there are a few basic rules to follow when taking a sauna with children.

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Benefits for the little ones

Even small children benefit from regular sauna sessions. The immune system is strengthened so that the youngsters have less to fight with colds. Changes from warm to cold and vice versa are better tolerated. The mucous membranes of the respiratory tract are also better supplied with blood after a sauna, which makes the lungs less susceptible to pathogens.

In addition, sauna sessions provide soothing relaxation for the youngest children, which counteracts the daily excitement of daycare and school life in a healthy way. Relaxed children can concentrate better at school and generally switch off more easily. Those who go to the sauna regularly at a young age often benefit from it for a lifetime.

The right age: From what age is the sauna allowed?

There is no correct age. There is no precise information on when the first sauna session is allowed. If the conditions are right, healthy babies can go to the sauna from the age of 4 months. However, it is much more relaxing for parents to take a sauna with infants who are no longer wearing nappies and who are already talking and therefore expressing their needs in concrete terms.

It should be noted that babies and toddlers have a much smaller body surface area than adults. This means that they heat up more quickly and also cool down. A visit to the sauna is therefore more strenuous for children than for adults - which is why parents should not be too ambitious when taking a sauna. Excessive heat or very long sauna sessions are also more of a strain on the child. Families should therefore approach taking a sauna together slowly. If you listen carefully to your little one's signals and plan rest periods for your child in good time, you can also enjoy a healthy sauna with a baby or smaller child.

The most important rules for sauna with children

  1. The BIO or steam sauna up to 50 to 60 degrees Celsius is often best tolerated by children.
  2. Two sauna sessions are sufficient. This should be followed by an extensive rest period.
  3. The lowest bench is the coolest and ideal for children.
  4. Infusions are suitable for adults only.
  5. If the child feels unwell, leave the sauna immediately.
  6. Die Abkühlung sollte schonend erfolgen (z. B. Aussen-Terrasse, lauwarme Dusche).
  7. Children should never be without supervision in the sauna.
  8. Sick children generally do not belong in the sauna.

Tips for a stress-free wellness day

The child should know in advance exactly what is going on in the sauna and how sauna guests should behave in general. The following things should also be taken into account to ensure that a sauna session with children is a success.

Plan for the urge to move
Unlike adults, small children in particular cannot sit still for long. The natural urge to move should therefore be planned for so that parents can also relax. In the sauna, children should remain seated as quietly as possible, as they heat up more quickly when they move. A little game to see who can sit still the longest helps them to persevere. Between sauna sessions, trips to the terrace, splashing around in the shower and small snacks help to ensure that children do not get bored in the sauna. The older the children get, the longer sauna sessions are possible and the resting time on the loungers can also be gradually extended.

Choose the right sauna
For small children, choosing a sauna with an adjoining swimming pool is a good idea. Here, swimming and splashing around are allowed in between, so that the quiet sauna sessions are easy to endure.

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Healthy children can go to the sauna with their parents. This relaxes, strengthens the family feeling and is a great break from everyday life. An ideal opportunity to try out wellness and sauna together is, for example, our wellness landscape at the Frutt Family Lodge - a hotel in a dreamlike setting by Lake Melchsee that specialises entirely in family wellness holidays.

First wellness experience in the Family Spa:

The photos in the spa area were taken together with the Swiss online concept store "Stadtlandkind". The offspring of the St. Gallen crew had a lot of fun trying out the Frutt Family Spa, which was put together with just as much love and flair as the "Stadtlandkind" range.

Start slowly and cool down properly

If you follow these tips and advice, a visit to the sauna with children will be a great experience for everyone:

Slow beginning
A maximum of two sauna sessions of 5 minutes each are sufficient for children under 3 years of age. Older children with more sauna experience may sweat for up to 10 minutes at a time.

Children sweat more than adults and should therefore replenish their fluid deficit directly after each sauna session.

Cool down properly

After each sauna session, the child should cool down properly. A lukewarm to cold shower is better than a bucket or a plunge pool. In the sauna itself, ice cubes provide some cooling and help the child to last longer.
Warmth after the last sauna session: For perfect relaxation, a portion of warmth is ideal at the end. A warm water pool makes children pleasantly tired after the sauna.

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