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High humidity, deep relaxation

Steam shower or steam bath for at home

Our steam baths are individually tailored to your wishes and needs so that you can enjoy your personal wellness experience in the best possible way. We not only offer you high-quality steam bath systems, but also professional advice and planning. We support you from the initial planning sketch through to installation in your home. Immerse yourself in the world of relaxation and let our service pamper you.

Pure relaxation - thanks to our steam baths for the home. Create your own private wellness oasis within your own four walls and enjoy the beneficial effects of moist steam on body and soul. Our high-quality steam bath systems are equipped with the latest technology and a heating system that ensures an even temperature. The air is heated by the heater and pumped through the steam bath, allowing you to take a deep breath while you relax. The individual steam showers and steam baths for the home from Küng Sauna combine sophisticated design with state-of-the-art technology. There are no limits in terms of layout and surface design.

You too can opt for a custom-made steam bath from Küng. With our professional installation, you are on the safe side and will soon be able to enjoy your steam bath to the full.

Unique spa moments at home: we give your health a boost

A steam bath at home adds luxurious and relaxing moments to your everyday life. Whether alone or with friends: It offers you the opportunity to relax and unwind under soft lighting. Our high-quality steam bath systems for the home offer you a unique wellness experience right in your own four walls. Equipped with the latest technology, our steam baths produce fine, hot steam that penetrates deep into the skin for intensive relaxation and regeneration. At 43/45 degrees Celsius and 100% humidity, the cardiovascular system is exercised, the skin is pampered, the airways are cleared and the muscles are relaxed. The benefits of a steam bath at home are manifold:

  • Promoting blood circulation
  • Cleansing the skin
  • Clearing the airways
  • Relieves the symptoms of respiratory diseases
  • Moisturizing the mucous membranes
  • Training of the cardiovascular system
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Relaxation for body, mind and soul

With various setting options, you can adjust the temperature individually to create your personal feel-good climate. By the way, you don't have to wait for the cool winter mist. The warm version is always in season: the options range from an individual steam bath, a steam shower or even a combined sauna and steam bath. Just as you wish. The steam generator is the heart of every steam bath and is designed so that the cabin is not only quickly ready for use, but also very economical.

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In addition to the almost exclusive production of unique items to customer specifications, Küng specializes in adapting its wellness solutions to virtually any structural situation. Ceramic, porcelain stoneware or natural stone offer the agony of choice. Whether one decides for a bench made of WSP or electrically heated seating surfaces, the highest comfort is ensured.

Customized steam shower for your bathroom

If only little space is available, our high-quality steam showers in particular are an ideal substitute for the conventional shower and a good alternative to the sauna. Our steam baths and steam showers combine daily showering with pleasant steam bathing in your own bathroom. Aroma and other therapy options, atmospheric lighting concepts, infrared light and musical sound in the steam bath for home also ensure maximum relaxation in your bathroom and offer you a valuable wellness experience. Our steam showers are space-saving and can be easily integrated into your bathroom. Leave everyday life behind and treat yourself to regular regeneration phases in your own steam shower or steam bath at home. By the way: Our spa shop offers you a variety of steam bath accessories, such as aromas, wellness herbs and bath salts.

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Steam shower in the bathroom

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With us, relaxation already starts with the consultation

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VAPORSANA® technology

Herbal steam bath

In our hectic world, the search for relaxation is both a way of life and a desire. The gentle natural herbal steam baths are perfect for this. What makes a steam shower with VAPORSANA® technology unique is the combination of patented technology for the pressureless generation of steam and the use of naturally effective herbs.

More about Vaporsana

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Relaxation in combination

Buy sauna or steam bath?

Not for either-or, but for both-as well you decide with a combination system. Here you can enjoy Finnish heat or gentle steam, depending on what your body and soul need at the moment. Skillful wellness architecture unites the two cabins into an aesthetic whole.

Insieme steam bath and sauna

A steam bath is a great alternative to the classic sauna at home. Here, not only the air but also the water is heated, creating high humidity. This opens the pores of the skin and pollutants can be better eliminated. The respiratory tract can also be positively influenced by inhaling the moist air. A steam bath is therefore not only relaxing, but also particularly beneficial. And best of all, a steam bath at home is not only relaxing and healthy, but also environmentally friendly. Compared to a sauna, a steam bath requires significantly less energy and water. So you can do something good not only for your body but also for the environment.

Your project

Pure relaxation: with our planning tips for a personalized steam bath experience

In our planning tips, you will find planning aids and answers to common questions about your individual steam bath, steam shower or combination system.

To our planning tips

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Free in shape and color


Composite materials were previously used primarily in shipbuilding. The unique robustness, the enormous stability as well as the flexible formability also open up new dimensions in wellness construction. WSP® offers the possibility to design high-quality and aesthetic living objects for indoor and outdoor use. With a durable, jointless and easy-care surface for our natural herbal steam baths, steam showers and whirlpool tubs.

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