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Wellness oasis with steam bath or steam shower

Absolute well-being

Absolute well-being is not only a question of climate. What is needed is healthy warmth made to measure with a design that blends harmoniously into your surroundings. Material, feel, colors and shapes also shape the sensation. The possibilities for an individual steam shower or steam bath made to measure by Küng Sauna + Spa are limitless and make your wellness oasis unique.

Steam showers from Switzerland - individually made to measure

The possibilities for a customized steam shower or a natural herbal steam bath are limitless and make your wellness bath unique. As experienced experts in wellness and sauna construction in Switzerland, we also attach great importance to the precise implementation of our steam cabins and showers according to your ideas and the conditions on site. Our SteamFit and Lotus steam shower models serve as the basis for your individual wishes and can be installed in a space-saving manner.

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Freestanding, custom fit or in a niche

Individual steam shower in a small space

Steam bathing in a small space is offered by individual steam showers. These are no larger than a conventional shower and can be perfectly installed in your premises even if space is tight. Whether freestanding, perfectly fitted in a niche or as a replacement for an existing shower or bathtub, your cabin will be made to measure and then equipped according to your wishes. This transforms every bathroom into a private spa.

Free in shape and color


Composite materials were previously used primarily in shipbuilding. The unique robustness, the enormous stability as well as the flexible formability also open up new dimensions in wellness construction. WSP® offers the possibility to design high-quality and aesthetic living objects for indoor and outdoor use. With a durable, jointless and easy-care surface for our natural herbal steam baths, steam showers and whirlpool tubs.

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Frequent questions

What building requirements must be taken into account when planning a steam bath?

A drain or siphon is important for the installation of a steam bath. The siphon itself requires a height of around 15 cm. This height must be taken into account if you plan to sink the floor of the bath into the floor. If there is underfloor heating in the bathroom or in the area of the planned steam bath, it must be professionally relocated. This is best done by a heating engineer who has the necessary know-how. As an alternative to relocation, the tub body can also be placed on the prefabricated floor.

Which connections are necessary?

To connect the steam bath, water pipes must be prepared on site by the plumbing specialist. The number of connections varies depending on the type of fittings. For the Lotus variant, two connections for hot water and one for cold water are required. For the SteamFit variant, one connection for hot water and two for cold water are required.

And the power connections?

The connections for the power supply must also be prepared on site, ideally by an electrician. For our Lotus model, a 230V/16A connection is required. For the SteamFit model, on the other hand, 400V and, depending on the size of the cabin and generator, an additional fuse with 12 to 32A. You can read all the details about the necessary power connections in the respective data sheets of the steam bath models.

What space requirements should I generally expect?

This depends individually on the size of the steam bath model. For the Lotus and SteamFit models, there are individual restrictions depending on the generator used. The external dimensions to be planned can be found in the technical data sheets. In principle, any size is possible; for the Lotus model, a size of up to 2 m² should not be exceeded because of the optimal formation of heat steam. For the Steam Fit model, a maximum length of 2 m and a maximum width of 1.3 m are recommended to ensure optimum steam formation inside.

What design options do I have for the steam bath?

Design options are available for the colours of the plastic panels used. The large-format panels made of WSP plastic can be finished in any RAL/NCS colour. For even more highlights, a glitter effect "Stratos Diamondsplitter" is also possible. Alternatively, your own image motifs are possible; the prerequisite for the application is a sufficiently large resolution of at least 72 dpi in real size.

Do I have to maintain the steam bath regularly?

The Lotus and SteamFit models are maintenance-free, but regular descaling is still recommended. The frequency is determined by the hardness of the water. When this should take place is determined by the technician after determining the water hardness, so that you are informed by the system in good time about the impending descaling. With the Lotus model, you can easily do the descaling yourself, with the SteamFit model, the descaling service is recommended by a specialist due to more complex technology.

Does Küng supply the entire cabin or just the steam bath technology?

Küng steam baths are usually supplied complete with cabin, sealing and the necessary technology. This means you get everything from a single source and always have a competent contact person for your steam bath. The Lotus and SteamFit steam bath models can be installed on an on-site tiled floor or shower floor.

Doesn't a steam bath in operation bring too much harmful moisture into the house?

To avoid too much humidity in the bathroom, it is recommended to install it in a room that has a window for ventilation. If this is missing, a technical exhaust air solution can be a good alternative. In the Lotus model, the cabin has an integrated ventilation system which, with a cabin size of around 2 m² and an average steam duration of 60 minutes, does not produce a quantity of water vapour that is harmful to the building fabric.

How long should I steam and what temperature is ideal?

For the use of steam baths, there are no rigid recommendations for temperature, humidity or length of stay. The ideal temperature can be different for everyone. Recommended steam bath temperatures are in the range of 35 to 45°, depending on what you find comfortable. You can stay in the steam bath for at least 20 to 30 minutes and a maximum of 60 minutes. In the Lotus model, the running time is limited to 60 minutes, but after expiry, a new steam bath cycle can be started directly. With a SteamFit generator, the default setting for the running time is 3h.

Can I also use essences?

Yes, of course, the Lotus and SteamFit steam baths are ideal for using essences and essential oils. Depending on the desired effect, there are different essences that you can order, for example, in the Küng shop. In the Lotus natural herbal steam bath, natural herbal mixtures can also be used as an alternative to our essences.

How long does the cabin take to warm up?

It takes about 10 to 15 minutes for the first steam to form and the necessary heat to build up in the cabin.

How can steam bath costs be saved?

The insulation and isolation play a decisive role in the energy consumption of the steam bath. The more the steam room is insulated, the lower the power consumption. An average stay in the steam bath lasts about 20 minutes, with three passes it comes to about one hour. The power consumption depends on the size of the steam room. Small cabins with 8.5 kW power cost only 55 CHF (0.20 CHF kWh) for about 32 hours of use per year, while larger cabins with 12.5 kW cost about 80 CHF per year. The annual electricity consumption for a Lotus cabin is about 25 CHF and for a steam shower with SteamFit generator 40 CHF.

How much water is used for steam bathing?

With five to ten liters per steam cycle, water consumption is minimal. The power of the heating elements is 1.5 to 3 kW. By way of comparison, a kettle has an output of around 2 kW.