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Sauna for your home

Want to go to the sauna after work and simply leave all the stress behind? A private sauna for your home is worthwhile if you prefer not to leave the house at all to relax. You have a choice of different models if you want to have a sauna installed in your home. The sauna not only offers you the opportunity to relax in a pleasant way, but also to breathe in warm air and clear your mind. Create your own personal oasis of peace and relaxation - start building your own sauna with us now!

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Whether small or large - a sauna at home is worthwhile

Relaxing all around and recharging your batteries - the sauna has become an indispensable part of many people's lives. In addition to the beneficial effect on soul and spirit, the sauna also promotes health. Regular sauna sessions strengthen the immune system and prevent cardiovascular diseases. Especially in the dark season, a sauna at home is worthwhile.

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Advantages of a sauna at home

Instead of overcrowded saunas in swimming pools or wellness temples, there is a much better alternative: a small sauna for your home, where you can sweat comfortably alone, with your family or with friends. You have the option of integrating a sauna outdoors, for example in the garden or on the terrace. Even more comfortable is an indoor sauna, for which you don't even have to leave the house.

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Sauna suitable for your room

Whether bio sauna, Finnish sauna, infrared or steambath - there are many suitable models for your home. Depending on the size of the room and the number of people who should comfortably sauna in it, the size of the sauna at home can be flexibly selected. The bathroom or the cellar are particularly popular when it comes to installing a large or small sauna for the home. However, if the conditions are right, there is nothing to be said against integrating a sauna at home for two people directly into the living or sleeping area, perhaps adjacent to the bathroom.

Suitable for your room size

Today, modern saunas are available in many different sizes, so that the right sauna can be found for almost any room size. Space-saving, high-quality sauna technology and a chic design make up the modern sauna for the home.

  • In a room with a pitched roof
  • Adaptation to existing windows, fireplaces, pillars
  • Under stairs

How high is the power consumption?

The electricity costs for operating a sauna depend on various factors. The more powerful the heater and the larger the sauna, the more energy is required. For an average sauna evening, the consumption for a small sauna for 2-4 people is about 14 - 20kW. For the larger models with 12 - 15.5 kW power, the costs for energy consumption rise to about 20 to 25kW per wellness evening. If you compare this with the entrance fees to public saunas or the ecological footprint for the journey to the fitness studio, a sauna at home is still an advantage. This is true in terms of costs, health promotion and privacy.

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Küng Wellness - your expert for sauna construction in Switzerland. We have been realising individual and customised sauna solutions made of wood for over 45 years. There are no limits to your dreams. Discover our sauna models and our extensive range of sauna accessories or configure your sauna yourself.

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Sauna for two - Küng sauna

A small sauna for two is ideal for you if you like to use the sauna alone or with your partner. For example, the small sauna models of our modular Nido Indoor offer enough space for two people. In this sauna at home for two people, you can leave everyday life behind you in a particularly chic ambience. Or you can plan a customised sauna for your home, entirely according to your wishes.

Where can a sauna be installed at home anyway?

A sauna can be placed anywhere in the house where there is enough space and a power connection. A possibility for extensive ventilation is also important. It is just as possible to install a sauna in the bathroom as in the hobby room in the basement or in the attic.

Experience shows that the more accessible the sauna is at home, the more often it will be used. So why not install the sauna near the bedroom and bathroom? Or in the living room near the garden or conservatory. The decisive factor is the easy accessibility of a shower, which is either installed especially for the sauna or integrated into the bathroom. If you have plenty of space, you can also equip the sauna with a relaxation area.

Tip: Saunas with modern glass fronts allow a view inside the house or directly into the garden. This creates space and architectural possibilities.

In principle, the sauna location can be chosen freely, but there are a few requirements that need to be taken into account.

Inspiration for the sauna at home

Our recommendations for sauna construction

IThe location for your sauna is basically flexible, although there are a few important aspects to consider:

  1. Surface: The floor must be smooth and waterproof, ideally tiled.
  2. Ventilation: Sufficient ventilation is required for the water vapour produced during the sauna session, either through a window or an electric ventilation system.
  3. Cooling down: It is important to have a nearby opportunity to cool down, be it in the garden, on the terrace, in the pool or with a shower.
  4. Relaxation zone: Plan an area for relaxation, for example with a sauna lounger in a quiet environment.
  5. 400V connection: Make sure that the heater matches the size of the sauna and that a 400V connection is available.

In principle, the sauna location can be chosen freely, only a few requirements must be observed:

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Whether sauna, steam bath or both. We realise a cabin according to your wishes. Thanks to our versatile technologies and ovens, you decide what kind of sauna you want at home.

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This is how much a sauna costs in your home

What does a sauna at home cost? The costs vary greatly and depend on the model, size and equipment of the sauna.

You can choose between a corner, wall or niche installation, a Finnish sauna heater or a bio sauna heater. A large glass front, interior and exterior panelling in various colours and materials can be flexibly selected. Other optional features such as individual control, integrated LED lighting, a sound system and accessories for infusions and much more can be selected.

Simply plan your sauna at home with our practical configurator. Depending on the sauna model and size, prices range from CHF 10,000 to CHF 25,000 for a modular Nido Indoor sauna, while an individual sauna costs between CHF 20,000 and CHF 40,000 on average. Monthly operating costs are added to the purchase price. These vary greatly depending on the electricity provider, heater model and sauna size. An average sauna evening with 2 sessions in a cabin with 9.5 kW costs approx. 3 to 5 CHF per use.

Tip: For a sauna at home for two people, we recommend a sauna size of at least 1.5 x 2 metres if you want to sit and relax in it. About four people will find room comfortably in a 2.20 x 2.20 metre model.

Tips for the sauna at home

With our expert advice, building your sauna at home is child's play. Customised relaxation zones are designed to meet your needs and personal style. Our wellness experts will be happy to help you achieve more relaxation in your own home.

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Whether sauna, steam bath or both. We realise a cabin according to your wishes. Thanks to our versatile technologies and ovens, you decide what kind of sauna you want at home.

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