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Ready for an upgrade?

Renovation & Retrofit

May it perhaps be a glass front? A different wainscot or a colored exterior cladding? There are no limits to creativity in sauna construction.

You know it from airlines and hotels: the change to a higher offer class. "Upgrades" are also possible for saunas, whereby a conversion or renovation is meant here. The renovation lever can be applied at various points: in the cabin insulation, the control system or the oven. But technology is not everything. With new materials, we create a whole new ambience. By the way, with this investment you not only upgrade your sweat cabin, but the whole property. Besides, it's simply more fun to sit in First Class while taking a sauna.

Renovate sauna

Fresh cure for your wellness center

Vintage may be trendy, but it is out of place in the sauna sector. Years of perspiration take their toll on the material, and the technology quickly becomes yesterday's news. But you don't have to start from scratch. Renovate your old sauna, save on a new purchase and at the same time upgrade the whole property. There are many recipes to rekindle the fire. Just think about cabin insulation, interior lining, or a sauna renovation with infrared. That's why we turn old into not only new, but also chic and modern.

Tips for your sauna renovation

  1. Refurbish

    New wood for the interior lining and plank beds conjures up a fresh scent and an unused look in your sauna. In addition, the reclining surfaces are now spring-loaded or even made of leather, for even more reclining comfort.

  2. Change of scenery

    Doors and fronts made of glass create transparency. Glass panels can also be printed. How about embellishing your sauna with natural stone, slate or chrome steel?

  3. Relaxation at the touch of a button

    One touch on the touchscreen is all it takes to shift down a gear and regulate your well-being. State-of-the-art controls offer added value in regulating humidity, heat, sound and therapies.

Convert sauna

Make more out of Finnish

Preferences and needs change throughout life. While Finnish saunas were the go-to for a long time, today people appreciate gentler temperatures and enjoy a variety of therapy options. With little effort, you can get more out of your existing sauna. The magic formula is called retrofitting. Replace your sauna heater with a BIOSA® model from Küng and add gentle temperatures and higher humidity to your classic sauna. If you also integrate fold-out infrared panels (InfraFlex® surface heating elements), you will not have to do without the beneficial effect of infrared heat. Last but not least: Retrofitting a control system brings comfort at the touch of a button.

Tips for retrofitting

  1. New oven

    Replace your current stove with a BIOSA® model. In addition to traditional Finnish temperatures, it also offers the gentle bio-climate with higher humidity.

  2. Infrared panels

    Integrate fold-out infrared panels. With the InfraFlex® surface heating elements, you continue to enjoy Finnish or the BIOSA® sweat bath for deep warmth.

  3. Touchscreen

    Küng sauna controls regulate relaxation at the touch of a finger. Temperature and therapies can be selected smartly.


Let our wellness specialists advise you on the subject of renovation and retrofitting.

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