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Dive in and switch off: Buy a swimming pool for pure relaxation

Do you dream of having your own swimming pool? Of an indoor pool or a garden pool with counter-current system? Then Bergmann Pools, the specialist for high-quality swimming pools in a class of its own, is the right place for you.

Wonderful water world

Buy a high-quality swimming pool for unrivalled relaxation

When choosing a swimming pool, it's not just about the architectural design, but also about innovative pool technology and effective water treatment. We accompany you on the way to buying your personal dream pool, from the initial idea to realisation and maintenance. Our aim is to ensure that your enjoyment of your own relaxation oasis lasts a long time and remains unclouded.

Our experienced team will help you to buy the perfect swimming pool that meets your requirements. We offer state-of-the-art pool technology and sophisticated water treatment systems that ensure that your pool is not only visually appealing, but also technically state-of-the-art.

Put your trust in our expertise and let us - the professional wellness and sauna construction company in Switzerland - advise you. We take care of every step so that you can enjoy your personal oasis of relaxation for a long time to come. Fulfil your dream by buying your swimming pool from us - for unforgettable moments of relaxation and recreation.

Indoor or Outdoor?

Swimming pool construction as you wish

Whether you have in mind an indoor pool for any season, a covered swimming pool or a pool in the garden: There are virtually no limits to the design. Each project is tailored to the customer's wishes and to the existing architecture, from modern design sculptures to visually restrained installations. A variety of high-quality materials are available for the design, including, for example, natural stone, chrome steel, concrete or the robust, durable material WSP®.

The advantages:

Chrome steel: noble appearance, durable and easy to clean.
: very stable. high quality and stable value Concrete: robust and can be covered with tiles, foil or polyester lining Foil: inexpensive, insulating, many color shades possible.

Relaxation and fitness combined: your own pool with counter-current system

Experience the perfect combination of relaxation and fitness with your own swimming pool equipped with a counter-current swimming system. Plunge into the refreshing water and feel the gentle yet powerful current that gives you an effective swimming workout. Whether you want to improve your swimming technique, develop your stamina or simply relax by swimming against the current, a counter-current swimming installation will allow you to reach a new level of swimming experience. When you buy your own pool from us, you'll enjoy the freedom to swim and relax at the same time, without leaving your home. Your pool with counter-current swimming system gives you plenty of opportunities for fun, fitness and relaxation right in your own garden.

Modern and hygienic

Water treatment with Hydrozone®

The heart of modern pool technology is the patented Hydrozon® water treatment system. Thanks to the special ozone-bromide method, the pool water is disinfected, resulting in germ-free, skin-friendly and odorless water. Red eyes, irritated skin or annoying chlorine odors are a thing of the past with this modern technology.

Learn more about Hydrozone®

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A bubbling pleasure

Luxury and quality combined: customised stainless steel pools for the highest demands

Enjoy absolute relaxation and unlimited pleasure in a stainless steel pool. Our customised service allows you to plan your personal hot tub according to your individual preferences and needs. Immerse yourself in the warm, bubbling water and leave the daily grind and pressures of the day behind you in no time.

With our expertise, even older whirlpools can be easily converted and equipped with the desired number of jets. We can transform your whirlpool into a bubbling pleasure that leaves nothing to be desired. Experience the ultimate luxury and treat yourself to your own stainless steel pool for unrivalled moments of relaxation and recreation.

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The advantages at a glance:

  • Chrome steel: elegant look, durable and easy to clean
  • WSP®: very stable, high quality and stable in value
  • Concrete: robust and can be covered with tiles, foil or polyester lining
  • Foil: inexpensive, insulating, many colours possible

Designer pool renovation for a stylish bathing experience

Whether you want an outdoor/indoor pool, a whirlpool tub, a spa bath for your home, a covered swimming pool or a swimming pool in the garden, we can realise your vision. There are virtually no limits to the design of your customised pool. Each project is customised to your wishes and the existing architecture. From modern design sculptures to discreet installations, we adapt the style entirely to your ideas.

You can choose from various high-quality materials for the design, including natural stone, chrome steel, concrete or the robust and durable material WSP®. We ensure that your pool is not only functional and durable, but also aesthetically pleasing and perfectly integrated into your surroundings.

Let your creativity run wild and realise your dream of a customised pool with us. Our team is at your side with extensive experience and expertise to design your unique wellness area with swimming pool and garden sauna that reflects your personal requirements and individual style.

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All around carefree

Swimming pool service

Our service includes complete consultation, starting with the choice of the right pool and ending with the installation and technical assembly. Even after that you will find professional support, for example, maintenance and cleaning, upgrading with additional options, measures for wintering outdoor pools or repairs that may be needed.

Our service includes regular maintenance and cleaning of your luxury pool to ensure that it always remains in perfect condition. Furthermore, we are available to upgrade your pool with additional options and adapt it to your changing needs. You can also rely on our professional support for outdoor pool winterisation measures or any repairs that may be required.

Rely on our comprehensive service and experience the ultimate luxury with your own designer pool. You can buy your swimming pool and we will take care of every detail so you can enjoy your pool worry-free.

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