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The benefits of the sauna: advantages at a glance

Whether you love the heat, always have cold feet or work up a sweat quickly - the sauna ritual touches everyone in its own way. The high temperatures soothingly envelop the body, relax the soul and mind and literally banish everyday stress to nowhere. The sauna offers numerous health benefits: from intensive cleansing and detoxification of the body to strengthening the immune system, promoting blood circulation and having a positive effect on skin health. Our Nordic friends in Finland have known this for a long time. Even the ancient Greeks and Romans recognised the depth of this ritual and developed sophisticated heat therapies. For them, the sauna was not only a place to cleanse and regenerate the body, but also a means of socialising and often paying homage to the gods during a sauna session. Discover how your health can benefit from the sauna and be surprised by the variety of positive effects, ranging from increasing physical vitality and stress management to promoting general well-being.

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How your health can be positively influenced by the sauna

Sauna visits are not only moments of relaxation, but also key to promoting your health. Both indoor and outdoor saunas offer a transformative effect on body and mind. They are not only sources of pleasant warmth, but also treasure troves of numerous health benefits. Sweating in the sauna improves circulation, which can also benefit the kidneys by eliminating waste more efficiently. From strengthening the immune system to boosting circulation and detoxifying the body, the positive effects of the sauna on health are remarkable and varied.

Saunning as an occupied science

The sauna has long since been transformed from an ancient myth into a modern symbol of body awareness and health consciousness. Current studies, led by renowned sports physicians, researchers and experts in the cardiovascular system, impressively illustrate the health benefits of this hot oasis. Here are ten science-backed sauna facts that make a passionate case for the sauna as a supportive element for health - a modern look at the health benefits of visiting the sauna in the context of today.

Is the sauna healthy? 10 sauna facts and benefits at a glance

The question of the health benefits of saunas is not a new debate. Numerous studies and centuries-old practices have shown the positive effects of sauna visits on body and mind. From boosting the immune system to promoting relaxation and improving skin health, the sauna has proven to be a source of holistic well-being and physical health. Let's take a look at the scientific evidence and the many benefits of the sauna.

  1. Boost cellular energy: Heat has a positive effect on the mitochondria, which act as "batteries" for our cells. They support the energy supply of the cells and promote the natural production of energy in the body, thereby maintaining vitality and fitness.
  2. Source of youth: Frequent visits to the sauna can act like a fountain of youth and even have anti-ageing effects. The alternation between heat and cold not only supports general health, but also promotes accelerated cell regeneration.
  3. Physical detoxification: Even with a careful lifestyle, we are often exposed to heavy metals and chemical substances. Regular visits to the sauna help the body to flush out toxic elements such as arsenic, cadmium and mercury.
  4. Herzensangelegenheit: Besuche einer Sauna tragen zur Gesundheit und Zufriedenheit des Herzens bei. Laut einer Studie von 2018 kann die Häufigkeit von vier bis sieben Saunabädern pro Woche das Risiko eines Todes aufgrund von Herz-Kreislauf-Erkrankungen um bis zu 58% reduzieren. Eine Langzeitstudie über 20 Jahre beobachtete finnische Männer, die regelmässig zwei- bis dreimal pro Woche die Sauna nutzten. Ihr Risiko für Herzkreislauferkrankungen sank um 23%.
  5. Blutdruck senken: Durch das Schwitzen in der Sauna weiten sich die Blutgefässe, was die Durchblutung verbessert und folglich den Blutdruck senkt. Lesen Sie diesen Artikel rund um Sauna und deren Einfluss auf Blutdruck.
  6. Sportliche Leistung optimieren: Durch eine verbesserte Zirkulation aufgrund des Schwitzens beim Saunieren gelangt mehr Blut zum Herzen, was die Produktion von Plasma und roten Blutkörperchen erhöht. Dies trägt dazu bei, den Körper effektiver mit Sauerstoff zu versorgen und kann somit die sportliche Leistungsfähigkeit verbessern.
  7. More muscle, better recovery: The improved blood circulation leads to an increase in muscle size and slows down muscle breakdown. Studies have shown that two one-hour sauna sessions per week can increase the production of the growth hormone HGH by a factor of two to five.
  8. Effective weight loss: Frequent sweat baths regulate appetite, optimise metabolism and oxygen uptake. These factors support weight loss and reduce body fat.
  9. Promoting brain function: Regular visits to a sauna stimulate the growth of new brain cells, support the maintenance of existing cells and improve the process of forming new neuronal connections. This can reduce the risk of dementia.
  10. Booster for the immune system: Heat therapies increase the production of heat shock proteins, which activate the antigen-presenting cells and cause the release of cytokines. This not only supports the natural strengthening of the immune system, but can also help to improve kidney health.

How often is the sauna healthy? The optimum frequency for your well-being

The question "How often is the sauna healthy" is attracting a lot of attention. The effect of the sauna on the body is varied and depends on individual needs.

However, experts recommend that regular saunas have a positive effect on health. However, the optimum frequency varies and depends on various factors:

  • Take a sauna once or twice a week: This rhythm can help you experience the health benefits of the sauna without overloading your body. It promotes relaxation, strengthens the immune system and improves circulation.
  • Customisation: Pay attention to your body's needs. Some people find more frequent sauna visits beneficial, while others do better with a lower frequency.
  • Take your lifestyle into account: Your personal schedule and lifestyle play a role. Adapt your sauna visits to your availability and preferences.
  • Consider health condition: People with specific health conditions or illnesses should consult a doctor before frequent visits to a sauna.
  • Pay attention to your body's signals: It is important to listen to your body's needs and reactions. If you feel exhausted or unwell, it is advisable to take a break.
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Is a steam bath healthy? The supportive power of moisture and heat

A steam bath at home offers pure relaxation and a wealth of health benefits. The humid air and heat in the steam bath have a beneficial effect on the respiratory tract, help to cleanse and nourish the skin and promote relaxation of muscles and joints. In addition, the increased temperature in the steam bath helps the body to eliminate toxins and can improve circulation.

Sauna and the health benefits: Why is the sauna healthy?

The realisation of a personal wellness oasis becomes a reality with high-quality sauna construction in Switzerland. The benefits of the sauna show that it has a positive effect on health in many areas. But why is a sauna healthy? A sauna during pregnancy, for example, can help you relax, while a sauna can help alleviate the symptoms of a cold. Explore the options for a personalised and health-promoting home sauna and start your journey to a healthier lifestyle with customised sauna designs today.

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