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Plenty of scope, different requirements

Outdoor Sauna

An outdoor sauna creates a wellness oasis in a class of its own. Taking a sauna in the open air and enjoying your own garden to the full - what could be better? A pleasant side effect: a garden sauna saves space. After all, a sauna for your own home should not always take up space in the cellar, bathroom or living room. Discover our models and be inspired.

Exterieur sauna

Sweating under the open sky

A outdoor sauna creates a wellness oasis in a class of its own. Taking a sauna outdoors and enjoying your own garden to the fullest - what could be better? A pleasant side effect: a garden sauna saves space. Because a sauna for your own home should not always occupy the cellar, the bathroom or a living room. Discover our models and let yourself be inspired.

How the construction of an outdoor sauna differs

Property in the countryside: your own garden sauna

Building a sauna outdoors is usually more demanding and can be more cost-intensive than building an indoor sauna. Depending on the circumstances, the garden sauna places different demands on the sauna manufacturer, but also on the builder. For example, the object in the green requires a foundation and a durable outer shell against wind and weather. In return, you have every freedom in terms of dimensions, customisation and luxury features - and an expert partner with many years of experience in sauna construction in Switzerland at your side for the purchase of your outdoor sauna.

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Modular outdoor sauna

Nido Outdoor

The modular outdoor sauna is available in two sizes and can be extended in a modular system with an anteroom with wardrobe, shower or space for sauna accessories. An open variant allows you to immerse yourself in nature, while the closed variant offers protection and security. The craftsmanship and Swiss quality from our wellness manufactory is the same for every arrangement.

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Sauna in seventh heaven

Sprung benches

Why sitting down when you can lie in luxury? Firstly, lying down helps relax your body and relieves stress and tension. Secondly, Küng sprung benches offer a level of comfort that would give some Swiss sauna manufacturers sleepless nights.

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Outdoor sauna checklist


Depending on ground conditions, a concrete slab or strip foundation must be created.

Plumber’s metalwork:

If the installation site is not already covered, plumber’s metalwork is required for the sauna roof.

Stronger power supply:

A Finnish sauna heater uses at least 400V 16A, but often 400V 32A. A combined heater requires an additional 230V 13A connection.


The floor of the sauna is insulated and furnished with a vapour barrier – unless heated flooring is installed by design.

Weatherproof exterior:

Materials such as exposed concrete, natural stone, CNS or fibre cement are particularly suitable.

Sauna cabin:

A strong wall structure and extra insulation is required.

Control system:

The operating panel for the control system is generally placed in the house or, depending on the control system, a mobile control unit, which can be used with a mobile phone or tablet.

Kueng Sauna Wellness Modell Omnia Outdoor Cover

Sauna Omnia

Many people today are nomads: their location changes just as much as their preferences. The new outdoor sauna Omnia fits in perfectly in this lifestyle, as it is so compact that it can easily be relocated.

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Bio sauna biosa dampfsauna aroma kueng wellness

Sauna the gentle way

You stay cool even when you start to sweat. Because BIOSA® relaxes optimally and increases sweat secretion without stressing the circulation. With a BIOSA® heater developed by Küng, every sauna becomes a bio-sauna.

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Planning tips outdoor sauna

What is the difference to an indoor sauna?

In contrast to the indoor sauna, the installation takes place outside, which also results in higher requirements for the construction and the materials used. In the garden, a foundation is important and in general, the sauna must be designed to be weather resistant to withstand snow, rain and wind in the long term. However, with a stronger wall structure and the necessary insulation, this is not a problem with the outdoor sauna.

How much space is needed to set up a Nido Outdoor?

For the construction of our Nido Outdoor model, you need a floor space of 2.23 x 2.27 metres and for the larger version of the Nido XL 3.0 x 2.27 metres. If you are also planning an anteroom for changing, a shower or cloakroom, an additional 1.09 x 2.27 metres of space is required. We recommend that you plan an additional 2 to 4 square metres of space for a comfortable lounging and sitting area, so that you can relax comfortably after your sauna session. If you would like a roof, a height of 2.4 metres must be included for the Nido outdoor sauna.

Which locations are ideal for installing an outdoor sauna?

In principle, your own garden is ideal for an outdoor sauna, for example next to the garden pool. Under certain conditions, it is also possible to set up a sauna on a terrace, on the flat roof of your house or in unusual places, such as on the roof of a carport. It is important that the distance from the sauna to the control panel does not exceed 20 metres, unless the control panel is attached directly to the sauna.

How does the control system work?

The control panel is located in the outdoor sauna itself as standard. Optionally, the control panel can also be routed up to 20m away from the sauna into the living quarters. Optionally, the outdoor sauna can also be put into operation via W-Lan and conveniently controlled from a mobile phone. Note: commissioning out of sight requires additional fire protection safety elements to prevent unintentional commissioning.

What power supply line is required for operation?

The electrical installation for this model is provided by the customer. In principle, a stronger power connection is required for operation. This depends on the sauna heater used. When using electric heaters, the corresponding power supply line is required. For the smaller model of the Nido this is 1x400V/16A + 1x230V/13A and for the larger model of the Nido XL it is 2x 400V/16A + 1x230V/13A.

Which connections are necessary for the installation of a shower?

If you choose the option of a shower, an additional connection for the water supply is necessary. Since the supply lines for an outdoor sauna also have to withstand lower temperatures, they must be permanently installed in a frost-proof manner.

How heavy can the sauna be on a roof terrace or flat roof?

The larger version of the Nido Outdoor XL weighs around 2350 kilograms including the vestibule, which means a line load of 280 kg/lfm wall. If you do not know the maximum permitted load for your house, you should ask a structural engineer for advice. They will be able to tell you exactly whether or not the conditions are right for you to place an outdoor sauna.

When do I need planning permission?

As a general rule, planning permission is required if the outdoor sauna exceeds a certain floor area. The maximum dimensions are generally 1.5 metres in height and more than 2 square metres in total surface area. It is also important to know whether the sauna is permanently connected to the ground. In Switzerland, planning permission is required in all cases. But you can easily apply for one at your local planning office.

Saunas are wooden constructions.

To speed up the process of obtaining planning permission, it is advisable to submit a site plan containing all the necessary information on surface area and height beforehand. Once you have applied for planning permission, you will receive guidelines from the planning office that you must follow during construction. For example, the distances from the property boundary, which generally have to be between 2 and 4 metres, depending on the case. From a legal point of view, an outdoor sauna is classed as a garden shed and is therefore assessed differently by the cantons and communes in terms of building law.

Does a garden sauna need a foundation and what are the specifications for the terrace?

If you do not install the Nido Outdoor on a terrace or flat roof, but in a garden, you will need a stable foundation. For installation on the ground, we recommend a strip foundation or point foundation made of concrete, depending on the soil conditions. The foundation must be 100% straight and provide sufficient space for the stable construction of the garden sauna.

If, on the other hand, you would like to set up the sauna directly on a concrete roof terrace, the adjustable support feet supplied are usually sufficient. With these, the outdoor sauna can also be optimally aligned in the garden.

What about fire protection requirements?

With regard to fire protection, there is little to consider when setting up the Nido Outdoor outdoor sauna. Unlike a wood-burning stove, the risk of fire is significantly reduced with an electric heater such as the Nido Outdoor. You also save yourself the inspection by a chimney sweep with an electric heater.

As stipulated in the fire protection regulations, an outdoor sauna with a wooden façade counts as a ventilated façade or a building with a low height and is therefore part of the "other use" class. The rear-ventilated rhomboid formwork made of untreated larch wood and the panels made of glass-fibre-reinforced plastic WSP used for the Nido Outdoor therefore belong to fire behaviour group RF3.

Can the sauna be heated with a wood stove? What do I have to consider here?

There are saunas that you can operate with a wood-burning stove. However, a sauna stove makes an outdoor sauna a fireplace that requires a permit. The sauna and the chimney therefore require a permit from the local building authority and the chimney sweep must also approve them and check them regularly. If you prefer a traditional wood-burning stove, we will be happy to plan an individual sauna for you. In this case, it is important that you ask your neighbours for their consent and also clarify with the building authority whether an outdoor sauna operated with a wood stove is permitted in your case.

What privacy shielding options does Küng offer for an outdoor sauna?

To ensure maximum privacy in the sauna, glass doors and fixed glass panels are also available with frosted glass (frosted glass). Alternatively, they can also be supplied with grey or brown smoked glass. If privacy is less important to you, the sauna is also available with transparent glass panes, which allow an unobstructed view of the interior or the tranquillity of nature.

How do I plan an outdoor sauna?

For the sauna to become a real highlight in the garden, it is important to embed it beautifully in the outdoor area and to design it appropriately. Do you have any questions about planning an individual outdoor sauna or about our modular Nido Outdoor model? Feel free to send us a message or ask for a non-binding consultation.

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