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Options and equipment for the sauna

Your sauna has unsuspected potential. Add extra value to your sauna session by adding options. Additional equipment with infrared panels, soothing light therapy or the lying comfort of sprung sauna benches all contribute to a perfect sauna experience.

Get the full potential out of your sauna

In addition to the fundamental technology, you have the possibility to complete your personal sauna with valuable options. The options give your sauna that certain something and make your sauna session a unique experience. Sauna benches are usually flat and immobile. Imagine a lounger that adapts to your spine like a slatted frame? Sweating is healthy for your health, but suppose you could do a sweat and light therapy in one?

Suspended benches

Why take a sauna sitting down when you can lie down in luxury? Firstly, lying down relaxes the body better and lets go of stress and tension. Secondly, the spring-loaded reclining surfaces from Küng offer a level of comfort that would deprive many a Swiss sauna manufacturer of sleep. The double-sprung cross slats are patented and available exclusively from Küng.

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Only available from Küng

As soon as you spread out your towel, you will quickly feel that the pad adapts perfectly to your body. No matter how heavy, light or tall you are, you will sauna like on cloud nine.

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Sauna like on cloud nine

Suspended couches

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Light therapy

Bring light into your sauna

In addition to simply taking a sauna, you can equip your sauna with other therapies that are important for the human body. It is generally known that different light frequencies have a positive effect on the way we feel. By equipping your sauna with RGB light sources, you can also enjoy light therapy while taking a sauna. The best thing about it is that you don't need to switch on anything or change the room. Besides the positive effect of light frequencies on body and mind, the RGB light sources are a very special highlight in your sauna.

Heat is not equal to heat

Infrared heat therapy

Whereas in the classic sauna the air is heated, the infrared heat unfolds its beneficial effect already at 30 Degrees celsius. As soon as the invisible infrared rays come into contact with the skin, they penetrate specifically into the uppermost layers of the skin and take effect where it does good. This triggers a number of health-promoting processes - and deep relaxation.