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Customised carpentry

A sauna like a tailor-made suit

Sauna construction for Switzerland - made in Altendorf since 1974. Each sauna is individually and precisely made to measure in our own production facility. We create tailor-made products that will inspire with their aesthetics and functionality for years to come. Every detail is carefully considered to ensure a sensual experience of design and feel as well as practical use in everyday life. Immerse yourself in the world of saunas with Küng and experience the unique quality, where even the air around you contributes to perfection.

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The wooden sauna with your own touch

The ultimate feel-good experience: a wooden sauna that not only provides relaxation, but also stands out from the crowd. At Küng, saunas start with wood and glass, but it doesn't stop there. To give your sauna an individual flair, you can add other materials. This creates a unique atmosphere that perfectly matches your interior or even becomes an eye-catcher. You can make a statement on the outside wall or experiment with different colors and materials: Natural stone, exposed concrete, leather, printed glass, stucco, wallpaper or copper - there are almost no limits to your design options. And don't forget the finishing touch with an aromatic infusion for a complete sensory experience.

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Sauna pioneer

The Küng sauna manufactory

Our founder Tony Küng has revolutionized the sauna industry from the very beginning with unconventional, but always well thought-out and functional ideas. Most of the designs and components in a Küng sauna, as well as numerous sauna types and layouts, are patented or model-protected. We don't shy away from conventions when it comes to design, and surprise time and again with bold material choices, with wood always playing a central role. Models such as Cube Corner, Swing or Ovola are an expression of this experimental joy.

Our history

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Classic Finnish sauna or gentle bio-sauna?

There is no contradiction! Our BIOSA® concept for bio saunas offers optimum relaxation at lower temperatures and lower humidity. This increases sweat secretion without straining the circulation. However, you do not have to do without the traditional Finnish sauna experience. With our BIOSA® heater models, all climate settings are possible, including an aromatic infusion for an additional sensory experience.

The BIOSA® sauna heater is universally suitable for any sauna, whether indoors or in the garden. This is wellness in its purest form. Enjoy pure relaxation in a gentle way in your own sauna from Küng, complete with first-class sauna accessories for an incomparable experience.

Our saunas

Looking for inspiration?

Discover our wide range of models for indoor saunas and outdoor saunas that can serve as the basis for your personal sauna. Enjoy the ultimate sauna experience with aromatic infusions and fresh air in your own home or garden.

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Made to measure

Sweat where you want

We are inspired by the creative ideas of our customers and combine them with our many years of experience. In this way, the sauna is literally tailor-made for your home. Because tailor-made products are not created on an assembly line, but in a workshop where every single component is crafted with love and care. Each of our saunas is a handmade one-off from our own factory. Even tricky installation situations such as tight spaces, sloping roofs and stairs are no obstacle for us. Even existing windows or fireplaces have already been successfully integrated into a new Küng sauna. Discover our helpful tips on buying a sauna.

Get more information about your own sauna

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Sauna configurator

Configure your personal sauna yourself in 5 easy steps

Discover all the options and prices for our Nido Indoor modular indoor sauna with our sauna configurator. Create your individual sauna composition in just a few minutes. Our motto is: the proof of the pudding is in the eating.


Vitality and relaxation: the health benefits of the sauna

  1. Strengthen your immune system

    Regular sauna sessions are an effective way of strengthening the human immune system.

  2. Relaxation for body and mind

    In our hectic everyday lives, it is important that both body and mind can regenerate. A visit to the sauna at home offers the ideal opportunity to relax.

  3. Release tension

    The cozy warmth of the sauna helps to relieve tension in the muscles and provide a feeling of relaxation throughout the body.

  4. Prevention of circulatory diseases

    Taking a sauna can help prevent circulatory and heart disease and support the health of the cardiovascular system.

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Patrick Fischer about Küng

"Küng is one of the best in this field, and it was important to me to have a Swiss manufacturer as a partner." The steam bath at 60°, one of around ten programs in his sauna, is particularly popular with Fischer - three to four times a week, at any time of year.

More about Patrick Fischer and his ovola sauna