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Buy a Finnish sauna and relax traditionally

If you are considering taking the luxurious step of installing a Finnish sauna in your own home, there are some significant decisions ahead. The sauna world is rich in variety and offers numerous options, so thorough planning is essential to ensure you enjoy the ultimate sauna experience. In this article, you will be fully informed about the crucial aspects you should consider when contemplating the purchase of a Finnish sauna. We'll take you on a journey into the world of relaxation and well-being to guide you every step of the way to realising your personal sauna dream. Are you ready to create your own sauna oasis? Then let's dive in together and read on.

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Saunning the Finnish way

Finnish sauna culture has a very long tradition. For many years, Finns have been sweating with the whole family to relax and strengthen their health. The traditional way to cool down is often in an ice hole. There are plenty of opportunities for this here, as Finland is also known as the land of a thousand lakes. It is estimated that there are about three million saunas per 5.5 million inhabitants in Finland. Unesco has even declared Finnish sauna culture an intangible cultural heritage in 2022.

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What is a Finnish sauna?

You sweat on loungers in wood-panelled cabins with very high temperatures of up to 100 degrees Celsius and at the same time low humidity between 10 and 20 percent. Additional infusions with birch water or essential oils round off the experience in the Finnish sauna. The temperatures vary depending on the seat height. The higher up you sit, the hotter it gets.

Those who go to the Finnish sauna benefit from the relaxing effect, but there are also some positive effects on health. The immune system is strengthened and the cardiovascular system also benefits from the alternation between warming up and cooling down.

What is the difference to the bio sauna?

Bio sauna or Finnish sauna? Compared to the Finnish sauna, the bio sauna has significantly lower temperatures, which makes it so popular especially with sauna beginners. People who generally do not tolerate high temperatures are also better off in the bio sauna. The gentle variant is heated to an average temperature of 45 to 60 degrees, infusions are not common here.

Some models are additionally equipped with an LED colour scheme or soothing sounds, which can create different moods while sauna-ing. Compared to the Finnish sauna, the humidity is significantly higher. It is also possible to vaporise essential oils or herbs for aromatherapy. The bio-sauna is ideal for people with pre-existing conditions who find high temperatures, as in the Finnish sauna, too stressful. Sick people, pregnant women and children also like to go to the gentle bio-sauna.

The art of the Finnish sauna infusion: relaxation and recreation

The Finnish sauna infusion, also known as "Löyly", is an essential part of the sauna experience and is characterised by its uniqueness. This ritual has a long tradition and is firmly rooted in Finnish culture. It is far more than just a wellness ritual: it is an important social and cultural aspect of daily life. Here are some of the reasons that make a Finnish sauna infusion so special:

  • Tradition and culture: The Finnish sauna infusion has a long tradition and is firmly anchored in Finnish culture. In Finland, taking a sauna is much more than just a wellness ritual; it is an important social and cultural aspect of daily life.
  • Increasing the heat and humidity: The infusion consists of pouring water onto the hot sauna stones. This creates an intense vapour and significantly increases the humidity in the air of the sauna. The combination of high temperature and increased humidity intensifies the sauna experience and promotes sweating, which is perceived as extremely beneficial.
  • Aromatherapy: Essential oils or scented infusions are often used during the infusion to give the sauna a pleasant fragrance. This aromatherapy has a calming effect and contributes to relaxation. Different fragrances can evoke different moods.
  • Health benefits: The Finnish sauna infusion has proven health benefits. It promotes blood circulation, relaxes the muscles, supports detoxification of the body and can help to reduce stress and increase general well-being.
  • Social experience: The sauna infusion is often a social event where friends or family members come together to enjoy a sauna together. This promotes community and socialising.

If you want to use the sauna in as many different ways as possible, with our own range of combi heaters you don't have to choose. A variety of climate settings and both the Finnish sauna and a bio-sauna climate are possible.

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Finnish oven

The heat of the Finnish stove stands for an original sauna experience. Up to 40kg of sauna stones do the work and are accommodated in the solid, adjustable rim made of cast iron or chrome steel. But the fin also convinces with optimal air circulation and a triple stove jacket. This creates an energy-saving convector effect and the casing is not overheated.
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Experience biosauna climate comfortably at home? The BIOSA® heater does it and is so ingeniously made that it can only be from Küng. The highlight is the water container with herb sieve and fragrance oil bowl. The result is an incomparable quality of herbal inhalation and versatile therapies. This is how bio-saunation is fun.
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Tower Ofen

With the combi oven "Tower" you have two irons in the fire. The elegant towers can be equipped with either peridoite stones or the water container for herb sieve and oil bowl. If fine aromas or fresh herbs evaporate in one of the heating elements, you breathe gentle BIOSA® climate.

What is the difference to the infrared sauna?

How about the combination of Finnish sauna and infrared? An infrared sauna is another gentle alternative to the Finnish sauna. The cosy warmth here is created by the effect of the integrated infrared radiators. Infrared rays penetrate deep into the body, warming you from the inside out, so to speak. The warmth is perceived by many as particularly pleasant. The humidity is relatively low, the length of stay somewhat longer than in the classic sauna, 20 to 25 minutes are ideal here.


Infrared cabins are already available in very small versions, for example, with surface radiators or radiators that create a punctual effect. Ideally, the infrared sauna is suitable, for example, to relax tensions. It is also well tolerated by people with cardiovascular problems thanks to the mild temperatures.

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Finnish sauna for outside

Do you have a beautiful garden or a large terrace? Both are suitable for the construction of an outdoor sauna, which offers you a direct view of the greenery while you relax. The outdoor Finnish sauna experience can be easily combined with a pool, natural pond or outdoor shower to cool down. The outdoor sauna in the garden is suitable for all those who have too little space in the house for the construction of a sauna or would like to sauna with reference to nature.

We will be happy to plan the perfect outdoor Finnish sauna with you, just as you imagine it - always a perfect fit and individually with various equipment features. For example, opt for the modular outdoor Finnish sauna, such as the Nido Outdoor model, which is available in two sizes.

Küng Wellness - Sauna construction with Tradition

At Küng Wellness you get a product from a traditional company that has been in the sauna building business for a long time. Trust us as a partner if you want to install a sauna inside or outside. Here you get Swiss quality from the wellness manufacture to sauna in the Finnish way. Alternatively, various models are also suitable as infrared sauna or bio sauna, if you do not want to buy a Finnish sauna.

Ideal for the construction of beautiful wooden saunas are the Finnish polar pine or local woods. Küng attaches great importance to sustainability and develops exclusively products that are constructed robustly and durably and thus give our customers long pleasure.

The log cabin sauna: your private oasis of relaxation in the countryside

Whether you are looking for a place of inner contemplation or to spend time with your friends and family, a log cabin sauna creates the ideal environment for you and your visitors. This sauna brings the natural beauty of log cabin design to your outdoor space and allows you to experience wellness in your own personal oasis. Our experts will be happy to help you plan the perfect Finnish sauna for your outdoor area that meets your expectations - always customised and individually designed, with various features according to your wishes. For example, you have the option of opting for the modular outdoor Finnish sauna, such as the Nido Outdoor model, which is available in two different sizes.

What to look for when buying a Finnish sauna?

When buying the Finnish sauna, make sure that you choose the right place of installation and the appropriate size, as well as a suitable stove. Whether indoors or outdoors - depending on the space and structural conditions, numerous variants are possible here.

Whether alone or with a partner - a Finnish sauna for two people offers enough space for saunas together. Several seats or reclining areas further increase comfort. In addition, there are equipment features for the integration of LED lighting, music or accessories for aromatherapy.

Frequently asked questions about the Finnish sauna

How much does a Finnish sauna cost?

This depends entirely on the size, the place of installation, the equipment and the sauna model itself. Use our handy sauna configurator to get a cost estimate for your desired model.

Which sauna heater is the right one?

For the Finnish sauna you need a heater that can generate very high temperatures and is additionally suitable for infusions. For example, the Finnish sauna heater from Küng.

Are there combinations of bio sauna and Finnish sauna?

There are sauna heaters that can be flexibly varied in temperature. As a combination variant, different climate types, so also the bio-sauna are possible. So you don't have to choose between the classic Finnish variant and the gentle bio-sauna.