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Oven on – pressure off

Bespoke heating

Did you know that each heater provides a unique sauna experience? Combine your dream sauna with the innovative heater models from Küng and prepare to relax.

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Finnish Oven

The warmth of the Finnish heater stands for an original sauna experience. Up to 40 kg of sauna stones do the work and are located in a solid, adjustable crown made of cast iron or chrome steel. The Finne also impresses with optimum air circulation and a triple heater jacket. This creates an energy-saving convector effect and the housing is not overheated.
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Experience a bio sauna climate in the comfort of your own home? With the BIOSA® heater from Küng, this dream becomes a reality. This masterpiece of sauna technology is characterized by its unique water container with integrated herbal sieve and scented oil bowl. The result is an incomparable quality of herbal inhalation and the opportunity to experience a wide range of therapies.
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Tower oven

With the unique "Tower" combi oven, you have the opportunity to experience two wonderful functions at once. These elegant towers offer the choice between using peridot stones or the practical water container with herb strainer and oil tray. Let fine aromas and fresh herbs gently evaporate in one of the heating elements while you enjoy the gentle BIOSA® climate.
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Guards against excess heat

Heater guard

The temperature inside a sauna can reach up to 120 degrees Celsius. Depending on the heater model, the sauna can get extremely hot. With an individual heater guard, you can automatically keep your distance – and thus avoid painful contact. Guards can be made of carved wooden bars and/or chrome steel, which also make the ideal footrest.

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Sauna the gentle way

Stay cool even when you start to sweat. Because BIOSA® relaxes optimally and increases sweat secretion without stressing the circulation. With a BIOSA® heater developed by Küng, every sauna becomes a bio-sauna.

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