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Why breakouts are so important!

Deceleration has become the true luxury of our time. Being offline and having time for ourselves are integral parts of our well-being. But how do I create these "islands of time" in the daily hamster wheel?

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Get out of the hamster wheel

Taking ourselves out of this hamster wheel every now and then, temporarily allowing ourselves a little time out and reflecting is more than good. It is the prerequisite for our well-being, both mentally and physically. But how do I manage to integrate these little islands of time into my everyday life? Meditation, yoga, mindfulness, conscious eating and sport are on everyone's lips and we are usually familiar with them. Certainly also very good tools that enable a recalibration of our selves in everyday life. However, it is of little use to me if I consider yoga, for example, as a pending task that still has to be done quickly. If I rush through my yoga programme under pressure to perform and go home dissatisfied because my colleague knows the yoga postures better than I do. It is also of little use to rush through the forest with headphones on the run for the new best time.

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In the office

Set your timer for three minutes. Do nothing during these three minutes. No phone calls, no e-mails, no conversations, no fetching a coffee, etc. If you are working in an open-plan office, find a quiet place, if necessary a quiet toilet. Close your eyes and pay attention only to your breath. No more, but also no less.

Pause in difficult moments. Breathe deeply, close your eyes for a minute and ask yourself, what is the next sensible thing to do?

Pay more attention to mindfulness: consciously go slowly and with each step in mind to the next session. If you are brave, have your meeting participants do a breathing meditation for the first few minutes before you start the meeting. Before wolfing down their lunch sandwich while working on their emails, consciously chew the first three bites mindfully and let them enjoy it.

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In the forrest

Forest bathing (Shinrin Yoku) is considered beneficial to health in Japan. It reduces stress and helps in many ways. Walking consciously through the forest or just being in the forest. Perceiving the scents, feeling the earth and touching trees works wonders. Jogging through the forest with headphones is something else and has absolutely nothing to do with forest bathing.

Making a fire. Sitting by the campfire has a calming effect and strengthens our well-being. Conversations around the fire become more relaxed and pleasant. The light and warmth can also be simulated at home with candles or a fireplace.

Creating everyday islands of time

Time islands only make sense if you detach yourself from all promises of performance, demands on yourself and others and other requirements. Doing nothing is the key. Not possible - many will now say. Doing nothing is not possible! Either I meditate or I jog or I... Our head offers a huge to-do list for the time that is actually meant as free time. And even if there is no planned activity, "dead time" is immediately bridged with digital "helpers". The addiction to waste one's free time with social media and other digital trivia is omnipresent.

Plan and consciously look for your personal island of time. Integrate small, short time-out snippets into your everyday life. With a little practice, you will be able to carry out these time-outs more spontaneously and in a variety of places. Below you will find a few ideas and tips.

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At home

Candles and silence help to decelerate. Why not also do yoga and meditation at home in silence and without an audience. Digital detox or a strict code of conduct in dealing with our digital addictive substances takes some effort at first, but helps enormously. Designate taboo zones for your smartphones and iPads. For example, the dining table and/or the bedroom is such a mobile phone-free zone. Create a local time island at home. This can be a specific room, an armchair or perhaps even your sauna. Everything you do there has to do exclusively with deceleration. Your health and well-being will thank you.

There are many more methods for deceleration in everyday life. You will certainly discover them yourself, or we would be happy to invite you to attend a seminar at FUNKENFEUER and enter the world of deceleration and de-stressing.

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Entrepreneur, Headhunter, Lecturer and Integral and Nature Coach

Stefan Poth

Stefan Poth has been an entrepreneur, headhunter, lecturer and integral and nature coach for resilience and deceleration for over 20 years. Together with his coaching partner Markus Langenegger at FUNKENFEUER, he accompanies people who want to temporarily step out of the hamster wheel and improve their further life situation. With the aim of achieving more satisfaction and well-being.