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From farm to feel-good house

Farmhouse with a wellness heart

Whether the farmers who once lived here could have imagined that their home would one day be so beautiful? Hardly. But the ancient wooden beams throughout the house still proudly tell their story. It's no wonder that the original building fabric was also to be preserved in the newly created wellness bath. Here, historic meets ultra-modern building elements and dignified aged wooden beams meet an innovative sauna.

Homage to the farm

Bathroom with special details

Like the heart of the room, the sauna cube stands in the middle of the newly created bathroom. So that it does not become a foreign body in it, its over-corner glazing allows daylight to fall through. The back walls are clad in reclaimed wood - as a link to the historic farmhouse wooden beams from the ceiling. Incidentally, the technical elements of the sauna are hidden here, invisible to the viewer.

But no matter how sophisticated the system is, only the tanned wood of its walls and ceiling is put in the limelight: warm LED spotlights underlight it, making the entire cabin look like a sculpture. This special atmospheric mood was precisely the goal of architects Marietta Tschander and Christian Keller. They have created an authentic living pearl out of the aging farmhouse.

The new wellness bathroom was to have a rustic feel - but it was definitely not to be dark. That's why the room was lightly plastered and tiled, cleverly maximizing the incoming daylight. The white plaster appears to frame the grained, rough-textured wood beams of the walls and ceiling. Furniture fixtures and sauna equipment are consistently wooden, but vary in type and appearance: a nice play on the bathroom's design theme.

Technical specifications


220 x 148 x 224 cm

Interior trim

Polar pine, horizontal paneling in Swiss spruce (old wood look)


Küng -Oven BIOSA® 9.0 + 2.0 kW


Küng Touchscreen CH4


LED warm white under couches and recessed in lying surfaces

Architecture and overall concept

Tschander.Keller Architekten, Zürich

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