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A fairytale atmosphere meets first-rate well-being

The Märchenhotel Braunwald is renowned for its fairytale atmosphere, which enchants children and adults alike. The combination of charming themed rooms, thoughtfully designed communal areas and breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains creates an incomparable holiday experience. And of course, first-class wellness facilities are not to be missed in this dream setting.

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Exclusive wellness suites with sauna on the terrace

For guests seeking absolute relaxation, the Märchenhotel Braunwald offers luxurious wellness suites. These suites are a haven for body and soul and feature a private Küng Wellness sauna on the terrace. Renowned for their outstanding quality and elegant design, our saunas are the perfect complement to the hotel's top-class facilities.

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"Thanks to these saunas, 'wellness fairy tales' for parents have become reality at our Private Spa".

Patric Vogel Host of the fairytale hotel.

Kueng wellness Märchenhotel Zimmer Schmetterling

Well-being at the highest level

The saunas from Küng Wellness are not only a highlight in terms of functionality, they are also a feast for the eyes. They blend harmoniously into the exclusive design of the suites, creating an atmosphere of calm and security. The opportunity to use the sauna on the terrace offers a unique experience - surrounded by fresh mountain air and breathtaking views.

After a day of activities in nature or discovering the hotel's many magical worlds, guests can relax and recharge their batteries in their private outdoor sauna. The soothing warmth, combined with the fresh mountain air and spectacular views, help to make every moment a special experience.