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Whirlpool bio sauna stabprofil whirlpool header kueng wellness
Private spa

Wellbeing to the power of 3

Clear lines and quality materials characterize this oasis of well-being, created in collaboration with the architect Pierluigi a Marca.

Whirlpool bio sauna stabprofil whirlpool kueng wellness

Material dialogue

To create a harmonious unit, the design of the cabin follows the rest of the bathroom. The horizontal bar design made of red cedar wood is evenly lined up, both inside the sauna and in the panelling of the whirlpool. Its warm colour is further emphasised by the indirect LED RGB lighting. The gleaming stainless steel Tower® heater and the white marble provide further stylish accents. The high-quality woods complement each other seamlessly with the white natural stone, which flows from the shower into the sauna. "The sauna should blend harmoniously into the overall appearance of the room," says architect a Marca. The profile-free glass front offers impressive views of the carefully designed interior.

Deep relaxation with extras

To further enhance the relaxation experience, infrared panels are discreetly embedded in the bar profile of the sauna, making it a three-in-one wonder. There are several ways to relax here: From the classic high-temperature sauna to the gentle bio sauna and the deeply effective infrared heat therapy, right through to the tingling cool-down in the experience shower.


223 x 246 x 210 cm

Interior panelling

Red cedar wood, horizontal panelling in bar profile, natural marble stone


Küng design stove BIOSA® TOWER 12.0 + 2.6 kW


Küng Touchscreen A-12


Boschung & a Marca bamarch.ch


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