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Bee house 2.0

Once the garden of this house was filled with the buzzing of bees. For the owner of the house cultivated the hobby of beekeeping. But then he decided to spend his free time differently and revive his passion for saunas. Together with the experts from Küng, they decided to convert the neat little bee house into an outdoor sauna...


Sauna where bees once worked

If you now follow the paved path through the garden, you can see the stilted bee house from afar. Two granite blocks serve as stairs, a wooden door with a glass insert leads into the interior. There is little space here, but it is cosy: two changing benches nestle in the wood-panelled anteroom, a glass door leads into the cabin. And to cool down, of course, it goes outside...

State-of-the-art technology in a wooden shell
As quaint as this garden sauna may seem at first glance - the weather-beaten little house has it all: the sauna can be controlled via touchscreen, and heated up using smart home technology while on the move. But before the owner of the house lies down on the sauna benches, he always goes through the garden again to look for flowers and herbs, just like his bees did back then: These go into the stove's sieve for aromatherapy...

The bees who once lived here had it classy: the mini chalet impresses with a pointed roof and elaborate carvings. Inside, it was paneled horizontally with polar pine wood in the course of the renovation. The black tongue of the pine matches the dark colour of the wood on the exterior façade. The frameless glass door of the sauna cabin with touch screen sets a modern counterpoint.

Technical specifications


222 x 291 x 210 cm


Polar pine horizontal with black nib


Küng BIOSA® 9.00kW + 2kW


Küng Touchscreen A12

Special features

Anteroom with changing room, adaptation to on-site beams, sprung lying surfaces


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