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Free in form and colour

Composite materials were previously used primarily in shipbuilding. The unique robustness, enormous stability and flexible mouldability also open up new dimensions in wellness construction. WSP® offers the possibility to design high-quality and aesthetic living objects for indoor and outdoor use. With a durable, jointless and easy-care surface for our natural herbal steam baths, steam showers and whirlpool tubs.

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High-quality materialisation, individual design


All WSP® products can be customised to a high degree. Exclusive wellness oases can also be experienced through personal interior design. Customised and seamless shower systems, steam baths and whirlpool tubs can be produced in any shape and colours in the desired surface. Set effective accents with the one colour of your choice from the entire spectrum of RAL and NCS palettes, with an individual photo or desired motif.

Material properties of WSP®


Design your wellness oasis freely according to your ideas with a variety of shapes, colours, surfaces, special effects and photo conversions.

Easy care

The seamless surfaces are easy to clean and are resistant to UV radiation, heat and cold, corrosion, acid and cleaning agents.

Stable in value

The surfaces remain aesthetically pleasing even under the toughest conditions. Damaged surfaces can be polished out and coarse damage can be seamlessly and invisibly repaired with the same material.

Swiss quality

WSP® is developed by our sister company Steinhaus and produced to the highest quality standards. Handmade custom work ensures an exact fit and durable solution.

Intensive research and precise craftsmanship

Longevity maintains values

The high quality of WSP® is the result of intensive research and precise processing. The fact that the high-tech composite material meets the highest requirements is shown, for example, by its use on exclusive cruise ships or in the automotive industry where extraordinary environmental influences place enormous demands on the robustness of a material. The long-lasting durability ensures your value retention and is a profitable investment in the future. The special surface sealing guarantees the preservation of the colours, a high scratch resistance and an easy repair of traces of use. With our WSP® products, the colour or photo is also protected from superficial damage with a special protective layer.