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Treatment and disinfection of swimming pool water

The patented HYDROZON® process (ozone-bromide method) realises the latest state of knowledge for chlorine-free treatment and disinfection of swimming and bathing pool water.

Hydrozone instead of chlorine

Clean, gentle water

The patented HYDROZON®- process (ozone-bromide method) realizes the latest state of knowledge for chlorine-free treatment and disinfection of swimming and bathing pool water. Oxidation with ozone and disinfection with hypobromite generated in the process results in pleasant and odorless bathing water with high disinfection power. The ozone-bromide method is a recognized water treatment process that has been proven in practice for many years. In contrast to bath water treatment with chlorine disinfection, skin irritations are extremely rare with the HYDROZON® method.

Ozone generation and mixing takes place in a closed hydraulic plant system. Ozone is generated here from atmospheric oxygen with the aid of electrical energy. The advantage is that bromide is added to the pool water as a harmless salt (NaBr) and the operator does not have to handle hazardous disinfectants as defined by the Ordinance on Hazardous Substances. Disinfection in the pool area is achieved by splitting off the oxygen atom from the hypobromite (Br0). Hypobromite is formed in the filter system from bromide (Br) and excess ozone. Bromide is thus constantly circulated. Ozone (O3) is a very effective disinfectant and can be used in swimming pools instead of chlorine. Compared to other disinfectants, ozone has the advantage of drastically increasing the quality of the swimming water.

No red eyes, gentle to the skin

Fresh, pure bath water

Through the use of ozone, the formation of chloramines is prevented. Ozone even supports the decomposition of chlorine by-products that have already been formed. This reduces "red eyes" or problems with breathing. Ozone produces a fresher and cleaner bathing water. Another advantage for pool owners is that the water does not have to be renewed as frequently, which in turn has a positive effect on heating costs.

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