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Infusion Master

Armed with an infusion ladle, bucket, essential oils and wringing cloths, infusion master Robert Heinevetter enters his stage: the sauna cabin.

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Much more than hot air....

You can think of Robert Heinevetter as a conductor. Except that he doesn't make musicians play and their instruments sound, but the air in the sauna. Because what is simply a silent, sweaty experience without Robert Heinevetter becomes a multi-sensory wellness ceremony with the infusion master. Armed with a specially made infusion ladle or a sauna bucket full of water, blocks of ice, pure essential oils, one or two frond cloths - plus music and light in various forms, Robert Heinevetter enters his stage during infusion ceremonies: the sauna cabin. In a precisely rehearsed sequence, he then creates a very special sauna experience with the various elements.

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Everyday pleasures and special events

Sauna cleaner - it's not just a hobby or a passion, it's a profession. Robert Heinevetter has been working at the renowned Tamina Spa in Bad Ragaz as Head of Bath & Sauna since 2009. But in his free time he is also often on the road as an infuser, travelling to championships or opening new sauna facilities all over Europe. Most recently, he won the 4th Swiss Championship with an opulent infusion show he titled "The Great Gatsby". In the award-winning, 13-minute event, Heinevetter poured water from gigantic champagne bottles over the sauna heater, let hearts of frozen ice melt over the hot stones and, dressed in a noble three-piece suit, perfectly swung his towel.

Show talents of a sauna infuser

Wobble, swirl and chirp scents

Apart from the show talent of a sauna infuser, however, it is above all about his know-how and the frizzing technique. And that has to be learned! While outsiders might think that it is enough to swing a towel through the air, experts know that this is not the case. Because with the movement of the air through his towel, the infuser can significantly influence how the heat develops and is distributed in the cabin. Through the combination of show elements and classic waving techniques, the guest is immersed in another world. Air circulation is also crucial for the development of aromatic substances when working with essential oils. Robert Heinevetter learned his techniques from a master infuser from Italy and then continued his training. He is now constantly developing his own method - fuelled by international competition and the many infusion friendships.

Heinevetters secret tricks

By the way, Robert Heinevetters' absolute favourite method when it comes to scented oils is the "shrinking ice ball": for this, he drills a small depression for aromatic oil into an ice ball and then lets the ice melt on the hot stones of the sauna heater. The infusion master provides the additional aroma kick by impressively smashing the ice ball with the curvature of the ladle. Robert Heinevetter also likes to work with several fragrances at the same time and also creates his own mixtures from different essential oils. For quieter sauna sessions, Heinevetter sometimes takes singing bowls or music by Ludovico Einaudi and Yann Tiersen. And when it comes to health, he works with sea salt to clear the respiratory tract or sugar mixtures that give the skin a new shine and smoothness in the form of a peeling.

Private teacher with a twinkle in his eye

A bit of a doctor, a bit of a beautician, a bit of a perfumer...: The sauna cleaner combines several professions in one. Anyone who wants to live up to this claim needs a broad education. That's why Robert Heinevetter is constantly training himself, but he also likes to pass on his knowledge: in workshops at the spa in Bad Ragaz, anyone can learn the art of infusing from him; this also includes towel waving techniques such as the "side flag" or "angel". By the way, the names of these techniques reveal something else about the infusers' guild: they have a sense of humour! But anyone who can stand in front of naked, sweating people, scantily clad or wrapped in a costume, waving air and scent at them, would hardly be expected to do anything else.

Robert Heinevetter's favourite scents:

  1. Lemon
  2. White fir
  3. Swiss stone pine
  4. Mint

Infusion tips:

  1. Shape an ice cream ball and make a small depression in it
  2. Drop a few drops of different oils into the bulge (max. 3 fragrances).
  3. Place the ball on the stones
  4. Then smash the ball so that the ice with the oil cocktail pours over the hot stones