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Health and hydrotherapy

A whirlpool is first and foremost a place for relaxation and regeneration. But it is also a place for communication with family or friends and for prevention. Regular use promotes health, relieves the body and soul of tension, hectic and stress and uses the healing power of water, a primordial element of life that also plays an increasing role in modern medicine.

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Three factors

Warmth, weightlessness and massage.

Three factors play a decisive role in a whirlpool warmth, weightlessness and massage. The healing effect lies in their interaction. When the body is surrounded by warm, massaging water, the body temperature rises, the blood vessels dilate, breathing deepens and more vital oxygen is absorbed. The carrying power of the water reduces the body weight by about 90%, which relieves the pressure on muscles and joints. Tension and stress vanish in an instant. An invigorating stream of warm water and air, directed through special jets, also stimulates the release of endorphins, the body's natural pain fighters. The therapeutically placed, individually adjustable massage jets are particularly important for effective hydrotherapy. Together with the pleasantly warm water, they reduce tension and promote healing processes.

Coloured light therapy

Effect of light on body and soul

Coloured light as a therapeutic tool is one of the oldest treatment methods used by people, who early on noticed the different effects of light on body and soul. Today, medicine is increasingly using old, long-forgotten forms of treatment again, especially in prevention. In the whirlpool, the beneficial effect of colours complements relaxation and recuperation. At the touch of a button, the colour of your choice bathes the surroundings in the desired light, or you can enjoy a changing play of colours of your choice with the Luminescence™ system from HotSpring® Colour pulses stimulate the metabolism, release emotions and provide your cells with more energy.

Better sleep

Deep, restful night's sleep

Taking a bath in a whirlpool before bed can lead to a deeper and calmer sleep. According to a study in the journal Sleep, regulating the body's temperature can help put the body into a relaxing and healthy sleep. Relaxing in a hot tub about 90 minutes before bedtime naturally allows for deeper and better sleep without the drowsiness sometimes caused by prescription drugs. The improvement in the quality of sleep is also related to the relaxing properties of the hot water, which promotes mental and physical well-being.