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Glass in sauna construction

Küng is the pioneer of the glazed sauna - and is still a pioneer of this construction method, which is now taken for granted. Especially the cabin-high, frameless glass fronts, if possible around the corner, are a speciality of the Swiss market leader. But what actually speaks for the use of glass in sauna construction?

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Durable design objects

Inconceivable as a material without it

"Glass reflects the sky and the sun, it is like light water, and it has a richness of possibilities in colours, forms, character, which really cannot be exhausted and which can leave no man indifferent." Paul Scheerbart's (1863-1915) paean is as relevant today as it was then. Glass has been on the rise in the building industry for years. Partition walls, balcony balustrades, skylights, bathrooms, furniture - even entire facades are made of glass. Why not your sauna too? Glass has decisively promoted its rise from a wooden cabin in the cellar to a design object in the living area. It not only meets high design standards, but also scores with its excellent hygienic properties and durability.

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Improved sense of space

Glass lends generosity and brightness even to smaller saunas, which is an advantage for installation where space is limited. The transparency also improves the feeling of space inside the cabin and reduces any discomfort. The desire for sufficient privacy can be met by tinted windows with "one-way vision".

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Frameless and profiled glass walls

What does profiless mean?

When people talk about frameless or profilless glass walls, they have to look closely. At Küng, "profilless" means neither the finest rails nor laminated fittings, but simply a sealant - the result of decades of experience and optimisation.

We talk enthusiastically about glass in sauna construction - and about all the other wonderful possibilities in realising your dream sauna. We look forward to your questions!


Glass enhances

Glass enhances the carefully designed interior because it now also shows to advantage from the outside. Küng is also a trendsetter in the field of interior design with exclusive and unusual materials.

Heat and glass

The climate is right

Glass has a somewhat lower heat storage capacity than wood. Küng compensates for this fact with multi-layered, excellently insulated wooden elements (e.g. back wall, ceiling). Even with large glass surfaces in the sauna, any desired climate setting is possible.