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Buy a Steam Shower in Switzerland

Neat steam creates a very special kind of shower - the steam shower, which is also available in combination with a sauna. Read here what to consider when installing a steam shower and what costs you should expect approximately.

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What is a steam shower?

Steam shower is a variant of the classic shower. You can use it not only for showering, it is also suitable as a wonderfully relaxing steam bath. Just relax for a moment and return to everyday life freshly showered.

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The big advantage of a steam shower to classic shower cabins is that here you get several things in one - an everyday shower and steam application for the soothing wellness experience. Many great extras here significantly enhance the shower experience, for example, massage jets in the steam shower cabin. In addition, steam showers are ready for use immediately and do not need to be preheated.

Multiple functions

Several functions are often built into the steam shower. The steam generator provides hot steam in the shower cubicle. An integrated vent leaves enough air to breathe, and the temperature of the cabin can be regulated individually.

LED luminaires

Most steam showers can also be equipped with high-quality LED lights in different colors. These serve on the one hand as light therapy and on the other hand for the perfect mood.

Herb bowl

In addition, some models have a device for filling aromatic oils and bowl herbs. This acts as aromatherapy and is good for the respiratory system. Steam showers can also be equipped with music devices for musical entertainment.

Install steam shower

You would like to realize a steam shower for your home? The following factors are important for the installation.

  1. Planning

    Plan the size of the steam shower. If you want to use it primarily alone, a small version for one person is enough. For joint steam showering, for example with your partner, it may be a larger version of the steam shower for 2 people. For example, a steam shower with a bench. The larger models are often equipped with 2 seats, 2 showers and separate massage jets.

  2. Installation locations

    You can install the steam shower anywhere where there is a connection for water. For example, directly in your bathroom, but also in the basement, under a staircase or sloping roof. Depending on the available space, different installation locations are possible, as the steam showers can be customized in sizes and shapes.

  3. Species

    There are two different types of steam showers. On the one hand, the customized models that can be adapted exactly to your space conditions and, on the other hand, steam shower cabins in various standard sizes that can be easily integrated anywhere. Depending on the space and installation location, one or the other variant may be the better alternative for you.

  4. Connection

    Also important are a water connection and a drain or siphon. In addition, the necessary electrics for any additional functions should be present. For example, modern LED lights and the like, which will make your steam shower experience even more comfortable and relaxing.

Energy consumption

A steam shower consumes significantly less energy than a classic steam sauna. The water consumption for steam generation is also negligible at 5 to 10 liters per steam cycle. Depending on the size, the energy consumption is quite different. Steam showers in the smallest sizes, which are designed for one person, consume the least. But even the large multi-person variants consume significantly less energy than a real steam sauna.

Cost of a steam shower

The steam shower price varies depending on the model. Steam showers for one person in standard sizes are the cheapest. Customised models are somewhat more expensive, and the price also increases with the size. Overall, however, a steam shower for 2 people or more is still cheaper than a real steam sauna.

Küng Wellness the right contact partner

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