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Already with little space to your own spa

A steam bath in your own home provides maximum relaxation. Steam bath expert Sacha Doyon knows which structural requirements must be met and how much energy is consumed during the steam bath.

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Sauna for your health

Whether after an intensive day at the office, a strenuous outdoor activity or a cold. A warming and soothing visit to the steam bath pampers body and soul and helps to restore energy.

However, if a trip to the nearest spa is too inconvenient or if you prefer to relax completely alone, there is now also the option of bringing the steam bath or steam shower into your own four walls and thus creating your own personal wellness oasis.

When it gets cooler outside again and the immune system needs to be strengthened, the steam bath is even doubly worthwhile: "It opens the pores of the skin, promotes blood circulation and alleviates rheumatic and asthmatic complaints. With the herbal steam bath and the various herbal essences, additional health-promoting effects can be achieved," says Sacha Doyon, Product Manager Steam Bath at the wellness construction company Küng.

Normal energy consumption

Especially in view of the looming energy crisis, the question of electricity and water consumption of a steam bath also arises. "With 5 to 10 litres per steam cycle, water consumption is minimal. The power of the heating elements is 1.5-3 kW," explains Doyon. By comparison, a kettle produces about 2 kW of power. And he also dispels concerns that the steam could become problematic for the walls and bathroom fixtures. Thanks to the insulated and sealed cabin, the steam does not come into contact with the walls. "But it would be ideal if the installation room had a window or ventilation to remove the moisture that escapes when leaving the cabin."

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A wide range of equipment options

The Altendorf company, which exhibits its products in the Bauarena in Volketswil, among other places, manufactures customised steam baths and steam showers. Thus, the installation of a steam bath is possible for almost every home. Because: "Our steam cabins, which can also be used as everyday showers, can already be realised from an area of one square metre," says Doyon.

Hardly any limits for equipment wishes

With plenty of free space and depending on the budget, there are almost no limits to the equipment wishes. From the number of seating and reclining areas, to special lighting installations, to brine nebulisers or fragrance pumps, anything is possible. "However, the installation room should certainly have a water connection for the shower and a high-voltage connection for the steam generator. For barrier-free installation of the floor, around 15 centimetres of space is needed for the siphon and the slope. If this is not available, the floor must be put on top."

Short installation time

Doyon and his team need two to three days to install a steam shower or steam bath. The installation time depends, among other things, on the size of the bathroom, the structural measures and the materials used. "For example, it takes longer to completely tile a cabin than to line it with the easy-care and robust high-tech material WSP," explains Doyon.

Easy maintenance of the steam shower

The different wall and floor coverings then also require different cleaning agents. In general, however, the maintenance of steam baths and steam showers is not much more complicated than cleaning a normal shower, says Doyon. "Limescale can build up on the wall and glass as a result of use, and this has to be removed regularly. We also recommend having our service technician do a descaling sporadically." How often this needs to be done also depends on the water quality, frequency and duration of use.

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Use of steam bath or steam shower

The steam bath expert advises that the duration of a steam session should be around 20 minutes. Of course, it is always important to consider your own well-being. You should be particularly careful if you have cardiovascular problems, as the steam bath puts a strain on this system in particular. If you haven't had enough after one session, you can also enjoy two steam baths in succession with a cooling break in between. A soothing shower afterwards rounds off the wellness treatment in your own four walls.