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Wellness bijou in a small space

Much wellness in a small bathroom

Adjacent to the shower, this individual bio-sauna offers plenty of relaxation even when space is limited.

Intelligent planning was required in the desire for a sauna in tight spaces at home. The solution in this case was the clever combination of the walk-in shower with a bio-sauna. Thanks to large glass fronts, continuous room design and a clever lighting concept, the small wellness oasis became a harmonious part of the overall bathroom interior.

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The clients opted for a Biosa® bio-sauna, an in-house development by Küng. With a temperature of approx. 55° and 45% humidity, it is a gentle, healthy form of relaxation as well as regeneration and resembles a classic Turkish bath. The sauna is equipped with comfortable spring-loaded loungers, horizontal Arventäfer and a profiless glass front over corner. It was planned precisely into the room and coordinated with the exposed brickwork.

Reduced lines, refined lighting, high-quality materials

The room concept was developed by Eugster Haustechnik. A central element here: the lighting. The built-in indirect lighting in the sauna as well as the ring light in the shower, which also forms the frame for the rain shower, contribute a lot to the sensual ambience of the wellness zone. And for a visual unity with the whole bathroom provide the simpleInterior design, the reduced furniture and dark floors as well as walls.

Kueng wellness Sauna Arvenholz min

The pine is considered a miracle wood. Its essential oils have antibacterial and sleep-inducing qualities.

All elements together make the bathroom look harmonious, open and spacious - a small wellness hijou despite modest space.


Individual Küng bio sauna


Panelling in Swiss stone pine, frameless glass front over corner


Küng oven Biosa® 12kW and control Smart+

Indirect lighting Charmey

Küng oven Biosa® 12kW and Controll Smart+

Indirect lighting Charmey


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