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Oval is the new round


Ovola plays with contrasts. The glass front is rounded and profile-free, while the mitred corners, horizontal bar panelling and angular stainless steel parts provide contrast.

Ovola plays with contrasts

Ovola plays with contrasts. The glass front is rounded and profile-free, while the mitred corners, horizontal bar panels and angular stainless steel parts provide contrast. The curves continue discreetly in the raised front and the lying surfaces. In walnut or alder wood, the modern panelling is in line with the trend towards dark woods.

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A rounded statement

With its round glass front, our Ovola brings a very special highlight to your rooms and is a real eye-catcher.

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A well-rounded statement

Küng Tower Oven

The Tower heater from Küng has two separate heating towers. This means that the normal infusion can be performed on the stones on one side. Thanks to a removable water container with a herbal sieve and oil bowl, an additional sauna experience with a variety of therapy options can be created on the second heating tower.

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Plan your personal Ovola with us

Let us advise you

The Ovola can serve as the basis for your own customized sauna. Let us realize your dream sauna together.

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Round off your sauna session with the Ovola

Like all saunas produced by Küng for you, each Ovola is also made individually for each of our customers. This means that we can offer you a wide variety in the choice of wood, size or exterior colour.

What makes the Ovola unique

  1. Round glass front

    The Ovola sauna is the only sauna with a round glass front. This special element gives it a very personal design.

  2. Space saving

    The Ovola fits perfectly into your space and its curved glass front gives you an extra feeling of space when taking a sauna.

  3. Individually customisable

    The Ovola is ideal as a basis for your personal dream sauna. If you like the style, you can derive your tailor-made sauna from it.

  4. Wainscoting with bar profile

    Whether inside or outside, cladding with a rod profile turns every sauna into a design object.

  5. Tower Oven

    The Küng Ovola features the elegant Tower design stove with two heating towers and removable water container with herb strainer and oil tray.

  6. Swiss made

    The sauna is made for you by us with Swiss precision in our sauna manufacture in Altendorf.

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Sauna as a balance to top-class sport

Our brand ambassador Patrick Fischer uses saunas to balance out his competitive sport. He has a custom-made Ovola at home, which seamlessly contributes to the living ambience. Discover our references.

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