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Markus Wichert Workshop foreman

Nature, mountains and wood go hand in hand for our workshop leader Markus Wichert. They relax him and challenge our woodshop manager every day. With this balanced attitude, Markus Wichert has worked for Küng for almost 30 years. The 55-year-old also has a strong passion for music: He plays the French horn in several chamber orchestras.

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Wellness made in Altendorf

The production of our saunas in our own carpentry workshop in Altendorf SZ allows us to meet the personal needs of our customers. In this interview, workshop manager Markus Wichert lets us look him in the eye and reveals a lot about the manufacture of our products on Lake Zurich. After all, all of our equipment is manufactured in Altendorf and proudly bears the "Swiss made" label.

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Each Küng sauna is unique and handmade.

What particularly fascinates you about your work at Küng Wellness AG?

I particularly enjoy working with solid wood: the different properties of the woods and their respective character present me with a new challenge every day. I also appreciate our team spirit, which is essential for successful project implementation. And the fact that all our products are manufactured at the Swiss site in Altendorf is great!

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What has been your most exciting sauna project so far?

This was the production of a 6-cornered sauna for a customer. That was quite a challenge for us - wonderful! Just like the unusual, conical cabin front that a client once wanted from us.

How do you imagine the collaboration with the design department?

My carpentry team has the task of identifying possible pitfalls in advance during implementation. Good cooperation with the design department is therefore very important. Of course, this often involves finding compromises. Not every customer request can be realized 1-to-1. So far, however, no idea has had to be completely discarded!

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What is your favorite type of wood?

I like pine wood very much - hardly any other type of wood has such a characteristic smell. It is even said to have a therapeutic effect. The Swiss stone pine is also rightly called the "Queen of the Alps". When processing Swiss stone pine, however, you have to be careful of knots - demanding for us carpenters.

What else makes you sweat?

Demanding customer requests or delivery deadlines sometimes also make me sweat.

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How often do you go to the sauna?

The project of an own sauna is in planning. Hopefully, I will soon be able to relax in a bio-sauna of our own brand BIOSA®. The Finnish saunas are too hot for me personally.