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Wooden cocoon with a view

The community of Hurden is located on a peninsula in Lake Zurich - water is omnipresent here. When a pair of architects living there renovated their former swimming hall, their focus was not on the wet blue, but on thermo-treated aspen wood.

Graphite black floor tiles and ice blue pool

All on Aspen!

On the ceiling, on the walls, in the sauna: aspen wood is everywhere in this wellness area! This creates a cozy, cocoon-like feeling. But so that the intimate atmosphere doesn't turn into a cramped feeling, graphite-black floor tiles and the ice-blue pool provide contrasts. And the lake can of course also be glimpsed through the generous glass fronts.

Deep relaxation with extras
Evenly spaced aspen wood rods line up around the sauna and swimming pool. Their warm hue is further emphasized by indirect lighting spots. Relaxation thus begins for the users of this private spa the second they enter their relaxation oasis. In the process, features like the sauna's herbal steam bath are just waiting to be used...

Although everything here revolves around one material, thermo-treated aspen wood, the other materials are just as important to the overall impression. For example, the corner-designed, profile-free glass front of the sauna and the large sliding windows of the house are important partners. But the shiny stainless steel stove of the sauna and the gigantic, snow-white floor vases at the edge of the pool also set stylish accents.


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