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For the owners of this house, time for wellness is as precious as other jewelry. That is why they gave themselves an unusual oasis of well-being: steam bath and sauna cabin nestle elegantly together in it, but each convinces with its own independent design. Together they have a maximum of comfort...


Extravagance and inner values

While the steam bath is a classic rectangular room, the sauna has a sloping floor plan. Thus, it offers a particularly large amount of space and legroom in just a few square meters. Its light polar pine wood corresponds with the natural stone that adorns both the floor of the wellness zone and the interior of the steam bath. As a contrast, there are dark brown facings of the cabins. However, the real refinements of this spa are hidden: for example, the steam bath has a heated heated bench and the sauna has spring-loaded loungers.

Even in the smallest of spaces, it is possible to let off steam - this is also demonstrated by this object. Thus, this wellness facility surprises not only with its extravagant shape. Also their materials are selected: The light-colored natural stone in the steam bath has an artistic grain with an almost wooden appearance. It thus blends in harmoniously with the polar pine wood of the sauna. The dark veneer frames both cabins like a picture.


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