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Customised for you

A sauna is not a rigid box, but as customisable as a dress. Customised, a wellness zone can be perfectly tailored to any space - however complex it may be.

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The sloping roof as a challenge

In this project, the open living space directly under the roof is a feast for the eyes with the old wooden beams, but it was also a great challenge due to slopes and skylights. The perfectly and beautifully fitted solution in this project does not show this difficulty; thanks to the glass front, it seems light and like a natural part of the open space.

Elegant contrast

Analogous to the existing window in the sloping roof, one was also installed in the sauna. This gives you a clear view of the sky from the bio-sauna with its polar pine panelling. While the light wood of the interior panelling contrasts sharply with the dark wood of the living area, the black frame and side panelling create a powerful accent.

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The ideal solution for every floor plan

Customised solutions that are adapted to the space and individual wishes are part of Küng's core competence. Thanks to countless floor plan ideas, there are solutions for bedrooms or bathrooms, attics, cellars or attics. In addition to the popular cubic shapes, saunas can also be planned with curves or a fireplace or stairs can be integrated into the basic concept of a sauna.