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Spa with the feel of a suite

The design concept of the interior design firm Dyer-Smith AG is both minimalist and sensual. This is due on the one hand to the architectural spatial concept and on the other to the exclusive materials that run through the entire area and thus ensure Japanese-like harmony. Natural stone and wood are the protagonists of the spatial concept. The elegant radiance of the light gray marble with its beautiful veining harmonizes perfectly with the natural warmth of the wood. Together, they define the color concept with its earthy nuances. "We are fond of authentic materials as well as earthy colors because they look elegant during the day and sensual in the evening," says the owner of the interior architecture firm James Dyer Smith.

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James Dyer-Smith (*1982) is a trained cabinetmaker. During an internship in an architecture firm, the Zurich native sharpened his focus on entire spaces. He then completed studies at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK). In 2010, he founded his own office, Dyer-Smith AG, which designs and realizes attractive, contemporary spaces. Today, the team includes about 10 employees from areas such as design, interior architecture and strategy.

The sauna has nothing in common with an off-the-peg sauna box:

It is an architecturally characterized generous as well as homely relaxation zone. A seamless glass front allows the view from the raised sauna bench to glide freely over the lake. Walls, ceilings and benches are made of walnut, everything precisely made to measure. "It was a great task to design a sauna completely free," the interior designer enthuses, admitting that a partner was essential, however. "As an interior designer, the expertise of a professional like Küng Wellness is absolutely key." Both parties contributed their ideas in the process and together created a whole that is unique and exclusive.

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"At Dyer-Smith AG, we are full-blooded aesthetes who create unique spaces where beauty and functionality go hand in hand. As an interior designer, the expertise of a professional like Küng Wellness is absolutely key.""

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