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Kueng wellness steamshower
Space saver

Steam shower in mini-bathroom

The space was small, the desire for wellness great. And so a bathroom from the 80s was transformed into a wellness centre with a mini-hamam

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With an area of just under 4 square metres, the outdated bathroom didn't exactly seem suitable for a wellness oasis. But with the SteamShower line, which combines prefabricated elements with customised design variants, it was possible to create exactly that. The SteamShower requires no more space than a conventional shower because all the wellness technology is installed inside the shower. As a result, there is no need for complex integration of steam generators in the room or in the adjoining room.

When remodelling the old bathroom, the toilet and washbasin were replaced and a SteamShower was installed in the corner to fit perfectly into the room. The shower box is flush with the floor, watertight and completely seamless. It is made from the high-quality, robust material WSP, and the insulation is made from recycled PET bottles.

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Kueng wellness steamshower


The glass fronts create transparency and give the bathroom a spacious feel. Finally, the integrated LED lighting creates a pleasant ambience so that residents can relax and enjoy the various steam shower programmes from the built-in bench and do something good for their health in the smallest of spaces.

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Space-saving all-rounder

SteamShower steam shower

SteamShower combines an everyday shower and steam shower and is particularly suitable for remodelling projects thanks to its dimensional variability and small footprint. Options such as the positioning of the bench or niches can be freely selected, as can the colour.

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