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Küng Wellness-Essenzen

Our wellness essences made from 100% natural essential oils are suitable as an additive for the organic sauna, steam bath or steam shower or in the infusion water of the Finnish sauna.

Infusions with high-quality oils make the wellness experience in the sauna or steam bath something very special. However, the quality of some of the flavour blends differs significantly. The following features characterise the high-quality wellness essences from Küng.

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  1. 100% natural

    The essential oils are all 100% natural and contain no chemical or artificial fragrances.

  2. High concentration of fragrance flavours

    Due to the high concentration of the oils, just a few drops are enough to achieve the desired flavour result.

  3. Very economical

    You can enjoy your desired aroma experience with just a few drops. The oils can also be combined with each other.

  4. No unnecessary additives

    No further additives were added during the production of the oils.

  5. No artificial fragrances

    The fragrance of the oils comes purely from herbs and flowers and has not been imitated by chemical compounds.

Dosage recommendation

Sauna: Add a few drops to the infusion water or use in the bio-sauna in diluted form in the flavour bowl or directly in the water container of the heater.

Steam bath/steam shower: Pour a few drops into the aroma tray at the steam outlet.

Breathe deeply and enjoy.

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8 fragrances

Depending on the fragrance, you can enjoy different aromas and different effects while sweating, and you can find the following wellness essences for saunas and steam baths in our shop.

  1. Eucalyptus: Has a cleansing and refreshing effect. Afterwards you will feel fit and refreshed again. The oil can also clear the airways and relieve muscle tension.
  2. Atemvital: Clears the airways in the event of a cold and dissolves stubborn mucus.
  3. Leguminous pine: This sauna oil clears the skin and revitalises the whole body.
  4. Moment of happiness: This sauna oil has an extremely revitalising effect. It lifts the mood and is ideal for bad weather days.
  5. Orange: Orange sauna oil creates a harmonious and uplifting mood. It can also strengthen the immune system and be stimulating.
  6. Melisse: Ideal zur Beruhigung am Abend ist Melisse-Saunaöl. Es entspannt und hilft beim Einschlafen. Zudem schützt es vor Stress und Nervosität im Alltag.
  7. Balance: Relaxation is easy with this sauna oil. It has a balancing effect and quickly brings you back into balance after a stressful day.Lemon balm: Lemon balm sauna oil is ideal for calming down in the evening. It relaxes and helps you fall asleep. It also protects against stress and nervousness in everyday life.
  8. Alpine herbs: Alpine herb sauna oil has a calming yet invigorating effect.