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The world's best-selling whirlpool. Revolutionary water treatment, patented massage system, optimal energy efficiency and ease of use guarantee holistic relaxation.

We specialize in high quality installation and a solution oriented to your needs. Dive in and discover our beneficial offers.

HotSpring® Number 1 worldwide

A whirlpool offers a powerful combination of relaxation in hot water & invigorating massage therapy. The range of models as well as the range of equipment options of the American brand HotSpring® leaves nothing to be desired.

Warmth, water and air awaken the spirits of life

Save money with HotSpring

Optimal energy efficiency

Every HotSpring®spa is equipped with a variety of energy-saving options (such as the SmartJet® system) and sophisticated water treatment that result in very low operating costs.

Best water quality

Perfect water treatment

The circumferential and one hundred percent filtration ensures clean, clear water and an even more enjoyable sparkling experience.... Another plus is the salt system, which does not require the addition of active chlorine.

Revitalizing hydrotherapy

Patented massage jets

Powerful, patented nozzle systems relieve tension with pinpoint accuracy. The powerful jets, designed for specific muscle groups, deliver intense streams of water at exactly your comfort pressure.

Safe money

Energy + Maintenance

HotSpring® produces the world's most energy-efficient spas. The spas incorporate a variety of energy-efficient features (e.g., the SmartJet® system). This follows to extremely low operating costs. You also require less maintenance thanks to the sophisticated water treatment system. As a result, your HotSpring® spa always offers the best value for your money. HotSpring® produces the world's most energy-efficient hot tubs. The spas include a variety of energy-efficient features (such as the SmartJet® system). This follows to extremely low operating costs. You also require less maintenance thanks to the sophisticated water treatment system. As a result, your HotSpring® spa always offers the best value for money.

KWAG Whirlwanne WSP

Whirlpool tubs from Küng

Küng Wellness not only offers whirlpools, but also whirlpool bathtubs for your bathroom. Enjoy the relaxing feeling of the gentle jets in your bathtub.

Belebende Hydrotherapie
Powerful massage jets

Invigorating hydrotherapy

HotSpring® offers a wide range of exclusive, patented nozzle systems, which are perfect for releasing tension in body parts such as the neck, shoulders, back, lower legs and feet with pinpoint accuracy. The powerful and patented jets are designed for specific muscle groups and move dynamically (moto-massage), delivering incredibly intense water streams that you can adjust to your comfort pressure. You'll experience invigorating hydrotherapy for the whole body.

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Purification de l'eau douce™ et de l'eau salée

Disponible dans tous les spas de la collection Highlife® et Limelight®, ce système à eau salée facile à utiliser permet de garder l'eau de votre bain propre, claire et assainie pendant toute une année. La technologie brevetée assure une durée de vie prévisible de la cartouche, une facilité d'utilisation et des coûts d'entretien réduits.

Kueng wellness hotspring Wasserqualität


Ce système combine la puissance de nettoyage du générateur d'ozone haute performance FreshWater® III avec l'oxydant sans chlore MPS et les ions d'argent pour la protection contre les impuretés. Le nettoyage réduit le besoin en chlore et s'effectue également pendant le bain. Ainsi, votre spa est toujours propre et prêt pour le bain.

Kueng wellness hotspring Wasserqualität
You can not do better

Water quality

To make water maintenance as simple and straightforward as possible, all HotSpring® spas feature the powerful FreshWater™ III ozone system. All Highlife® Collection models offer fully balanced, bypass-free, 100 percent filtration. In conventional systems, water bypasses the filters when the jets are on, resulting in a backflow of unfiltered water into the spa. With HotSpring®, clean and clear water consistently provides an even more pleasurable massage experience. Another big plus is the salt system, which eliminates the need for active chlorine addition.

Everything as desired

Customized exterior claddings

HotSpring® spas can be completely or partially enclosed, with any material and according to your wishes. For example, the SpaStone™ exterior shell with the look of a natural stone wall is very high quality. Of course, you can also work with a designer, landscaper, tiler or carpenter to create a custom exterior cladding - you're spoiled for choice. Our wellness architects will be happy to assist you.

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Sprudelnde Erlebnismomente
Invigorating hydrotherapy

Bubbling moments of experience

You want to buy a whirlpool? We make your decision for bubbling pleasure at home easier with great promotional prices. Benefit from better health with a model of the world's best-selling hot tub brand HotSpring®. Thanks to the exclusive Freshwater™ salt system, you'll enjoy velvety, crystal-clear water without the typical chlorine smell.

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