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Buying a sauna in Switzerland | Tips and costs

Relaxing in your own sauna is the dream of many property owners. With the right planning, this can easily become a reality. Here you will find important information and tips if you want to buy a sauna in Switzerland. For example, an outdoor sauna for the garden, a Finnish sauna or bio sauna for the indoor area.

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Here you will find numerous different sauna models - which meet the highest standards of quality, design and functionality. At Küng Wellness you can buy an indoor or outdoor sauna that integrates perfectly into your home and fits the available space and number of people in the household.

Choice of sauna heater

The sauna heater is usually the central element of a sauna - both in the Finnish sweat bath and the bio steam bath. If you want to buy a sauna with a modern sauna heater, you can choose between an electric heater and a wood-fired heater. There are also special combination heaters that can be heated to different temperature ranges depending on the setting. This is ideal if you can't decide whether you would prefer to buy a bio sauna or a Finnish sauna. Whichever option you choose: The sauna heater is always included in the total sauna costs.

Buy a sauna in Switzerland

The Swiss cultivate a distinct sauna culture. Many people love this kind of relaxation to escape the stress of everyday life, to strengthen the immune system and to really unwind on a regular basis. If you want to buy a sauna for your home, the traditional Swiss company Küng Wellness is the right place to go.

Would you like helpful tips for a relaxed sauna experience or are you looking for answers to the most frequently asked questions about saunas? Then take a look at our comprehensive sauna guide.

Buy individual sauna

Küng Wellness manufactures each sauna exactly according to the customer's wishes. Custom-made saunas can thus be optimally adapted to any floor plan of the house or garden. Whether in the cellar, attic, bathroom or bedroom - thanks to the different shapes, completely different construction methods are possible. We even implement slopes and curves for our customers according to their specifications, so that the sauna finds a safe place under the stairs or under the sloping roof. Choose one of our basic models and adapt it to your individual specifications for an indoor or outdoor sauna. Every Küng sauna is made to measure - there are almost no design limits.

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What types of saunas can I buy?

Küng Wellness offers you various types of saunas that can be customised according to your ideas and then integrated into your home to fit perfectly. In contrast to a prefabricated element sauna, we offer customisable saunas that not only fit beautifully into your rooms or garden with millimetre precision, but also meet your exact requirements from the roof edge to the heater.

Buy an outdoor sauna

You can buy an outdoor sauna, for example, for the garden or for installation on the terrace at home. The advantage is the direct view of the greenery, possibly even with the possibility of refreshment in an outdoor pool or natural pond. The outdoor sauna offers the advantage that you save space in the house and expand your outdoor area with a great wellness oasis. An outdoor sauna even fits on the roof terrace and can be realised as a simple log sauna, a small sauna gondola or a real design object in modular construction. Important for all of them are a stable foundation and a durable outer shell for ideal protection against wind and weather.

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Buy Finnish sauna

The Finnish sauna is considered the absolute classic among saunas. High temperatures between 90 and 95 degrees Celsius and 5 to 10 % humidity will make you sweat. The sauna experience becomes even more effective with a proper infusion. If you buy a Finnish sauna, you need a model with a very powerful heater that heats the interior quickly and effectively to the desired temperature. Even a bio-stove can produce a Finnish climate with the right setting.

Finnish Sauna

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Buy a bio sauna

The high temperatures of the Finnish sauna are not right for everyone. You sweat much more gently in a bio sauna. Here you can work up a sweat without putting a strain on your circulation. The BIOSA® heater, specially developed by Küng, ensures the optimum temperature when you buy a bio sauna.

Learn more about BIOSA®

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Design it yourself thanks to the configurator

The top quality and individual implementation make the saunas from our manufactory truly unique, which are always built to fit perfectly for indoor and outdoor use. Plan together with our team by buying a tailor-made sauna. A configurator is also available for the Nido-Indoor sauna, which you can use to design your own sauna.

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Küng Wellness - Sauna construction from Switzerland

If you would like to buy your dream sauna in Switzerland, Küng Wellness is the right partner for you. Here you can buy an outdoor sauna that fits perfectly into your outdoor area. Alternatively, there is the option of an indoor sauna if you buy a Finnish sauna or an organic sauna, which will enrich your home with a wellness oasis. Küng Wellness has always stood for handmade saunas "Made in Switzerland" - and has been doing so since 1974. Sauna is our element.

  1. Buying a sauna - choosing the right place

    If a sauna is installed in the house, there should be a possibility for refreshment nearby. This could be the bathroom with shower, for example, or a private indoor pool. Thanks to individual sauna customisation, a sauna can be accommodated in almost any corner. All that is needed is a connection for electricity and windows for sufficient ventilation to ensure that the moisture that comes in during sauna bathing is well conducted to the outside. A stable surface is important for the placement of an outdoor sauna. Whether on the roof terrace or in the garden - clarify in advance whether the structural conditions are suitable for the installation. Important: It may be necessary to obtain a building permit in advance. In addition, a minimum distance from the neighbouring property must be maintained. Check with your municipality before you buy a sauna.

  2. Plan additional functions

    Whether atmospheric LED lighting, musical entertainment or the option to distribute your desired fragrances in the sauna - there are numerous additional functions for every sauna that can be individually integrated into different models.

  3. The right size when buying a sauna

    When buying a sauna, consider how many people want to be in it at the same time. Our small sauna models are sufficient for one to two people. More people should opt for a correspondingly larger model in which there is enough space for everyone. Whether you buy a sauna for two people or choose a larger model also influences energy consumption, among other things.

  4. Control

    The control of a sauna can be haptic or digital. Many customers want a remote control for the sauna. This way, after a day of skiing, the sauna can be controlled and preheated on the way home. The light and music can also be regulated via the control unit.

  5. The right sauna variant

    If you want to sweat intensively and buy a Finnish sauna, a powerful heater is necessary. Many sauna stones also enable the production of high humidity through infusions. Whether Finnish sauna, bio sauna with pleasant temperatures or steam sauna with high humidity - choose the model that is best for you.

  6. Connections for the sauna heater

    Electric sauna heaters are usually used for indoor saunas. Some are operated with a voltage of 230 volts and therefore only require a normal socket. Very powerful heaters require a high-voltage connection and thus installation by a specialist. An outdoor sauna can alternatively be operated with a wood-burning stove, but it is important here to integrate the stove correctly with smoke extraction into the open air.

  7. Which type of wood is recommended?

    Wood is a natural and renewable raw material. This material is therefore the first choice for sauna construction. The wood used is as unpolluted as possible and comes from sustainable forests and has a very high strength. In addition to wooden elements, saunas can be made even more modern and open with glass elements.

  8. Safe installation by a specialist

    If you are not really handy, you should leave the installation to a professional after buying a sauna. From the professional construction to the high-voltage connection, an outdoor sauna also requires the laying of a firm foundation and rain-protected connections.

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Options when buying a sauna: Sauna cabin, outer shell, heater and accessories

If you want to buy a high-quality sauna cabin for your home or an elegant outdoor sauna for your garden , you should pay attention to the material of the cabin. The material of a sauna should withstand heat and moisture well and also be stable. This is why wood has established itself as a building material. For example, polar pine, which contains resin and has few knots, is ideal for sauna construction as it is extremely stable and durable and exudes a pleasant natural resin fragrance. Hardwoods such as light-coloured aspen or fine alder are also popular for sauna construction. Combine the natural wood variants with glass and stone elements for a modern look. However, wood should take centre stage due to its natural properties.

Oven selection

You can choose between electric and wood-burning stoves. There are also special combination heaters that can be heated to different temperature ranges depending on the setting. Ideal, therefore, if you can't decide whether you prefer to buy a bio sauna or Finnish sauna.

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Buy a sauna - we accompany and advise you

Let us advise you individually if you want to buy a sauna. Küng accompanies you from the initial idea to the planning and implementation of your dream sauna. Everything from a single source and tailor-made are all our models that turn your home or garden into a wellness oasis. Together with you, we plan a sauna that fits your home and your budget perfectly - from simple models to real luxury saunas, everything is possible with Küng Wellness.

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Tips for buying a sauna

When buying a sauna, there are a few important things to consider. After all, you want the sauna to fit your ideas perfectly. Here are a few important tips when buying a Finnish sauna or a bio sauna.

You can find more information in our sauna planning tips.

What costs should I expect when buying a sauna?

This depends above all on the size, the type of heater and the additional functions of the sauna. The larger and the more additional functions, the more expensive the sauna. At Küng, you always get saunas at a fair price - the costs range from 28'000 to 40'000 CHF, depending on the model and additional options selected.

Does a used sauna pay off?

If you want to save on your budget, a second-hand sauna may be an option. However, only if it has modern technology and you can easily dismantle and professionally reassemble the sauna. It would also be important that the structural requirements are similar and that all necessary connections and ventilation options are available.

Where can you buy a sauna cheaply?

You can buy a sauna cheaply from many suppliers, but the quality is not always convincing. When looking at a very low price, look at the details of the heater output, sauna control and insulation, but also at the additional functions included in the price. If you save at the wrong end when buying a sauna and do not choose an energy-efficient model, you will rarely benefit from the supposed bargain.

Wie gelingt der perfekte Sauna Aufguss?

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The sauna basics: What should you bear in mind when taking a sauna?

Why is the right distance on the benches not only courtesy, but also offers health benefits? Our sauna etiquette guide answers these and many other questions. We explain how to get the most out of your sauna experience in Switzerland through optimal temperature selection and invigorating infusions. From "Dos" such as respectful seating arrangements to "Don'ts" such as avoiding excessive perfume, you will receive clear instructions for pleasant interaction. Discover the subtle nuances of sauna etiquette and experience wellness in a new dimension - thanks to our comprehensive sauna etiquette guide.

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